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Color changes[edit]

discovery era

I have changed the palette (seven colors) for the PT discovery years templates {{Periodic table (discovery periods)}} and {{Periodic table (discovery periods, compact)}}. Some of the old colors were a bit too dark to contrast with text, and the dark blue even made the frame illegible (synthetic?). new colors are in template:element color#Years and eras.

I choose seven colors by hue. That is: what we call "color" in real life: from the rainbow. (RGB color numbers like #ffdead are not suitable for this; they look like an outcome of a calculation but not a 'color'). These seven hues are from the rainbow. The I applied the same "saturation" and "luminance" to each of them (a color has three independent settings, at least). Together they define a color by HSL.
By keeping the other two settings, Saturation and Luminance the same, over seven hues, the sphere is the same for all of them and I could set a lighter shade simply. That lightness is needed, because it is just a background color, that should contrast with the text.
These are the settings. Hues from red to pink: 0, 25, 37, 74, 111, 185, 222 (255 would be full circle to red). S and L are S=255 (max), L=220 (quite light, or say transparent).
Frame (border) for theoretical elements

Undiscovered occurrence (that is: mostly for theoretical period 8 & 9 elements) had a white border that did not show well in a PT with a light/whitish background. Now see {{Periodic table (extended, large)}}. I set it to "no border" (in {{element frame/Undiscovered}} and in {{element color}}). IO think it looks nice now in {{Periodic table (extended, large)}} and others.

Minor changes

Note that we can use {{element color}} now to get the color: this way we are more flexible. -DePiep (talk) 17:28, 14 April 2013 (UTC)