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Standardized Guidelines/Format for creating and maintaining articles out of this Template[edit]

We Wikipedians who are going to be working on these articles should agree to some guidelines for dealing with such issues as (1) The name of the tournament changed slightly from year-to-year (e.g. 1963's Thunderbird Classic Invitational was called Thunderbird Invitational in 1959) (2) The tournament was absorbed into or merged with another event (e.g. 1969's Danny Thomas-Diplomat Classic merged with the Memphis Open to form 1970's Danny Thomas Memphis Classic)

I propose a standard set of guidelines (please feel free to add to or modify this because I'm sure I haven't thought of every problem that may come up):

  • Give the article the name of the last (most recent) version of the event, or in the alternative, the name under which it was played the most.
  • Earlier names of the event should be redirects into the article.
  • For events that are no longer played but were absorbed into events that have their own article, put these as a redirect to the article, and add relevant content to that article - rather than create a new article.--Hokeman 17:06, 20 September 2007 (UTC)

Special notes to consider when creating articles out of this Template[edit]

Please add to this