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hello, I created this template because its something I'd like to use as a short cut

Directors- the big five

Other Directors- I excluded rouch and colpi because I don't completely agree that they're that important/associated. eustache and varda are borderline New Wave, but I stuck with the top five for the main part.

influences- I just stuck with the main people excluding other filmmakers (bresson for his theoretical writing). Obviously other filmmakers were more "influencial", but that list could be endless. Not sure if I should include "Italian Neo-realism"- its a legitimate for any post-war film movement, but again that could create an endless list.

key films- I tried to stick with important films made by key directors between 1958 and 1963. 400 blows, breathless and le beau serge are obvious choices. Hiroshima because, although I dont personally consider Resnais to be New Wave, this film at cannes with 400 blows WAS the beginning of the new wave. Cleo because it has the free spirit of the movement. Adieu Philippine is, in my opinion, a legitimate choice. Its not well known at all and difficult to find, but its a film that has the freedom and style of the movement, technically and in the DIY ethic. Because its obscure, its influence is questionable, but its importance is key. I did not include any films by Rohmer or Rivette, because I consider their first films to be weak and both didn't establish themselves as great directors until the late 60s/early 70s.

other- just because these three topics are key and need to be included.

Hope other people find this useful and add/subtract with the best intentions.