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I created this template because I was sick and tired of people removing links to articles that are indeed not developed by the GNOME project form the {{GNOME}}. While it may be argued, that software, which is not developed as part of the GNOME project, does not belong into the {{GNOME}}, I consider the behavior rude if not stupid.

However, I consider the idea to distinguish between the GTK+ Platform and its divers users a good idea. Now the work implementing this idea has to be done, and the GNOME developers, came up with an interesting concept: they re-written and written from scratch GNOME Core Applications (for the record: I started this article...), and GNOME Games to implement strictly their design rules and user experience and bla.

Now what about the other desktop environments and independent developers using GTK+? This navbar should help to navigate between the software components they all share. In contrast to Qt, the GTK+ platform is quite cluttered. At the beginning I sorted software by the DE it originates from, but this should maybe be changed, once we have some useful categories to sort the software by. A huge help with the applications should be provided by Category:Software that uses GTK+ User:ScotXWt@lk 15:44, 8 July 2014 (UTC)

So GNOME could concentrate more on

Cinnamon on

and all adopters of the software platform around GTK+ together could combine their efforts in contributing more to