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Web safe color combinations from Krause, Jim. (2002). Color Index: Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media. How. ISBN 1581802366.

These colors are not in the correct order and need to be rearranged.

Example 1[edit]

Example 2[edit]

Example 3[edit]

Example 4[edit]

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I have fixed a link to a disambiguation page on this template for WikiProject Disambiguation. I changed the link Free festival to Free party since that seemed to be the most relevant link on the disambiguation page, and the only article that really seemed to be on the subject. If you disagree with my decision then feel free to change it to link to an article that you think is more appropriate. - EdoDodo talk 18:13, 14 December 2009 (UTC)