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In the name of god

I'm completing the Persian article and like to use this, but I don't know your source.

What's your source? In ministry of interior, we see just the names and votes not their party nor coalition.

Where have you found these numbers?

--Arfarshchi (talk)

Arfarshchi, I can't even find the names and votes. Where were they? Perhaps they're archived at archive.org?

Not Verifiable[edit]

The results seen here contradict what I see online:

"The Zoroastrians and Jews will each elect one representative; Assyrian and Chaldean Christians will jointly elect one representative; and Armenian Christians in the north and those in the south of the country will each elect one representative." source - Iranian Ministry of the Interior main page on The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. --Elvey(tc) 19:41, 7 November 2014 (UTC)