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Recent amendments[edit]

I want to scrutinize the current contents and growth of this template. These are my hypotheses:

  1. Irrational numbers are a meaningful category within the reals (no i, or any other number systems)
  2. "Almost all" reals are irrational (only prominent representatives in the template, most prominent: π)
  3. All roots are irrational, except for respective powers of rationals
  4. Transcendental functions do not preserve rationals
  5. For an overview, consult the article on irrational numbers

Accordingly, I suggest to

  • remove a good deal of the many scarcely known constants, some roots and ln-s, and to
  • stop adding new, only scarcely known constants to the template, but rather to the article on irrationals, and to
  • agree on some ordering of the entries (value, alphabetically, importance, ...).

Especially point #2 allows for broad discussions, and the others are no axioms, of course. Purgy (talk) 07:50, 23 January 2019 (UTC)