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I am proposing a reformulation of this template. The criterion for including the islets is not uniform. The only islets that are significantly big (?) to appear in a map are Ilhéu Branco, Ilhéu Raso, Ilhéu de Sal Rei, Ilhéu de Cima and Ilhéu Grande (or de Baixo). All of these 5 islets are at least 1 km wide, and perhaps they are the only ones that deserve a separate article.
Next in size there are Ilhéu do Baluarte (my mistake must be corrected; this is not the same as Ilhéu do Roque), Ilhéu de Santa Maria, Ilhéu do Rei, Ilhéu Sapado and Ilhéu Luís Carneiro. They are at least 500 m wide, but we can open an exception for the last three, since they are always grouped alongside Ilhéu de Cima and Ilhéu de Baixo to make up the Ilhéus Secos (or do Rombo).
At last, the other islets — Ilhéu dos Pássaros, Ilhéu Rabo de Junco, Ilhéu do Roque, Ilhéu Laje Branca and several others — are smaller, and I am not sure if they should figure in separate articles or even be in the template. Some of the smaller islets could even be considered rather reefs than true islets.
Ten Islands (talk) 09:57, 1 February 2009 (UTC)