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Metropolitan areas[edit]

It looks like an error is spreading accross the templates of cities. User(s) inolved in the creation and standardization of these templates should carefully consider studying the differences between a city and a metropolitan area, and should also consider studying how different countries define these terms. Just like it is the case with the Template:Largest cities of Mexico, the author(s) of this template are mixing the concept of cities with that of metropolitan areas. The population figures reported in this table are not of cities, but of metropolitan areas. The city of Buenos Aires, for example, has a population close to 4 million. Greater Buenos Aires, the entire metropolitan area, integrated by several cities/partidos of the province of Buenos Aires, has a population of 15 million. This issue needs to be fixed, either by labeling the table accordingly, or changing the population figures to that of cities exclusively. --the Dúnadan 17:06, 5 June 2008 (UTC)