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Proportionality principle[edit]

Actually there is a proportionality principle since some years ago, when the election procedure was adjusted to ensure that the party with most votes also gets most seats. This means that the new parliament will contain 67 seats according to preliminary results. Source: Times of Malta. --Glentamara (talk) 18:46, 11 March 2013 (UTC)

Our electoral system sometimes leads to parties getting too few parliamentary seats, compared to their share of the overall vote. In these cases, a special mechanism kicks in and gives such parties a couple of additional seats, to make sure things remain in proportion.

Up to yesterday, PL statisticians estimating that Labour would actually end up with an 11-seat majority. But given that their 35,000-36,000 majority is more like a 9 rather than 11-seat majority, the PN would get an extra two seats to keep things fair.

Those seat numbers are based on yesterday's projections and could very well change, keep that in mind.
— Source: Times of Malta