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all i gotta say is that i feel bad for all the mexicans that are here illegaly. for they just want a normal life and since they heard such great things about america they decided to come here. and what kindness do we have or give to them? none! what kind of person dose that make us? not a good one i can say, for i have witnessed americans harrasing mexicans who have become citizens. and they have no right to do so. now i am not an activist nor a mexican, but i am smart enough to know that they have done nothing to us and don't desevre this treatment. so when i see a mexican struggling i will go out of my way to help them and stand up for them. if not then we bring bad word to america and everything it stands for. so to anyone who reads this i hope you get to thinking as to what life is really about and how similar we are to mexicans. because for a fact i know that everyone in this world is trying to make a good living for themselves. and we are making it awfully hard for the mexicans to accomplish that goal.