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Some things that are wrong with this template...


  • According to this the Galant has been sold since 1980 (model year? 1979 calendar year?). MMC entered the U.S. market under its own name in 1982, and then only with the Tredia, Cordia and Starion.
  • The Galant was a compact car until 1996.
  • The Mirage, at least at first, was a subcompact car, not a compact.
  • Where's the Tredia?
  • Where's the Expo LRV? It was based on a different model to the Expo (see Mitsubishi Chariot and Mitsubishi RVR).
  • You should be referring to both the Endeavor and Outlander as XUVs and differentiating by size/class. Calling the Outlander a compact SUV suggests its a small, old fashioned off-roader with a ladder chassis.
  • The recently superseded Lancer was not unavailable for a year before the new generation was launched.


  • The four major columns combine to a total of 110% in the template code.
  • The width of the years columns are all screwed up.
  • I can't tell if this is supposed to be 40 columns (see overall heading) or 32 columns (see Type and decades) wide.

The only page it's transcluded to at present is the (global market) Mitsubishi Lancer, which is a ridiculous article to attach it to (see User talk:Bull-Doser). Since this is clearly still a "work-in-progress", I'm going to remove it for now until the above issues are sorted. --DeLarge 00:20, 21 February 2007 (UTC)