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I propose we change the icon to something else, e.g. an ammonite. There now exists the Template:Paleo-bird-stub which is was so long in the unlucky position to have to use the Ruddy Turnstone, alive, kicking, and fairly unrepresentative of the fossil record of the Aves, that I changed it to Archie too. Sorry for not asking, but the talk pages seem deserted and I just could not stand it anymore to see it frolicking around under Gansus. Dysmorodrepanis 06:57, 27 September 2006 (UTC)

Printability of paleo-stub and others used together with Taxobox[edit]

If the article size is very small (.i. the aerticle is a stub), the printed version shows a black line (before 'This page was last modified...') crossing the taxobox.

This can be bypassed by adding a

line surrounded by some empty lines at the end of the article - exactly there where the paleo-stub is refrenced. As an example, please do a print preview of Opabinid as it is now and as it was bevore I did this improvement. Another articles affected by this is [[[Radiodonta]]. -- There is no such problem with the Laggania article. Why? Interestingly, this article uses portal|Paleontology together with paleo-stub.

However this could be easily done by adding this modification to the paleo-stub abnd it's relatives.

How about this?

(The best way might be to change the Wiki software, of course).

Ernsts (talk) 18:56, 27 February 2009 (UTC)