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Half of the "current" category seems to be effectively dead.

I now had some more time, and did a short survey.

Clearly alive:

- Delphi (XE3 is of September 2012, a release of a mobile studio version announced for 1st half 2013) - Turbo51: last release 2012 - FPC: 2012-01-01, Lazarus 2012-10-01. FPC is packaging a new version (2.6.2, currently RC status)

Practically dead: - Pocket Studio last release 2008 - HP Pascal: Last release 2006 - Prospero: Last release 2006, but site updated 2010 with standard conformance - GPC: Last release (hard to say, stopped doing real releases long before the project was stopped). Devels announced end of project, but still answer on maillists

Totally dead it seems, but still downloadable (does that make it "current"?)

- VP. (development ceased 2005, and the "repackage" and minor updating is now not even talked about anymore) Forum flow near zero.

I therefore moved VP to historical. If people dispute the above assesments, please reply, and when no new things happen, we'll start deprecating the older ones. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 14:00, 29 November 2012 (UTC)