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template under constuction[edit]

|image=Flag of Iceland (state).svg
!align=center style="background:#ccccff" width=192px |'''[[Executive (government)|Executive]]''' ([[The Crown]])
|[[President of Iceland|President]] ([[Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson]])<br>
[[Prime Minister of Iceland|Prime Minister]] ([[Geir Haarde]])<br>
[[Cabinet of Iceland|Iceland]]<br>
!align=center style="background:#ccccff" width=192px |'''[[Legislature|Legislative]]''' ([[Alþingi]])
|[[Iceland Ombudsman|Ombudsman]]<br>
[[President of Alþingi]]<br>
[[List of political parties in Iceland|Political parties]]
[[:Category:Icelandic politicians|Politicians]]
!align=center style="background:#ccccff" width=192px |[[Elections in Iceland|Elections]]
|[[Icelandic presidential election, 2004|Last Presidential election]]<br>
[[Icelandic parliamentary election, 2007|Last Parliamentary election]]<br>
!align=center style="background:#ccccff" width=192px |'''[[Judiciary|Judicial]]'''
|[[Supreme Court of Iceland|Supreme Court]]<br>
'''[[Administrative and electoral divisions of Iceland|Administrative divisions]]'''
:[[Lieutenant-Governor (Canada)|Lieutenant-Governors]]
:[[Premier (Canada)|Premiers]]
:[[Legislative Assemblies of Canada's provinces and territories|Legislatures]]

:{| border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" align="left" style="background:none"
|width="50"|Politics of: 
| [[Politics of Alberta|AB]] | [[Politics of British Columbia|BC]] | [[Politics of Manitoba|MB]] | [[Politics of New Brunswick|NB]] | [[Politics of Newfoundland and Labrador|NL]]<br>[[Politics of Northwest Territories|NT]] | [[Politics of Nova Scotia|NS]] | [[Politics of Nunavut|NU]] | [[Politics of Ontario|ON]] | [[Politics of Prince Edward Island|PE]]<br>[[Politics of Quebec|QC]] | [[Politics of Saskatchewan|SK]] | [[Politics of the Yukon|YT]]
'''[[List of regions of Canada|Regions]]'''<br>
'''[[Political culture of Canada|Political culture]]'''<br>
'''[[Foreign relations of Canada|Foreign relations]]'''
[[Category:Canadian politics and government navigational boxes|{{PAGENAME}}]]
[[Category:"Politics of" templates|Iceland]]