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Republic of 46[edit]

I today changed the text of the template to replace "Second Republic" with "Republic of 46". The period of the Brazilian republic between 1945 (when Getúlio Vargas was deposed and the Vargas Era ended) and 1964 (when a military coup led to the establishment of the military dictatorship period) as the "Republic of 46" (after the Constitution of 1946, that restablished democratic institutions in the country). Brazilians do not allude to the period between 1945-1964 as a "Second Republic" (also the term could create confusion, because it could be argued that the Vargas Era, or at least the period when the Second Republican Constitution, adopted in 1934, was in force (1934-1937) was a "Second Republic). So, the terms that are widespread among historians and political commentators, namely, Old Republic, Vargas Era, Republic of 46, Military dictatorship or military regime, and New Republic, should be used.-- (talk) 20:00, 4 November 2010 (UTC)