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Upgrade of 9 November 2019[edit]

The content of “Australasia” has been replaced with the administrative regions in use in the five Australian states and the two self-governing territories. As evident in the annotated list below, the previous list of articles for “Australasia” suffered from the following:

  1. Sufficient overlapping of the parts of the Earth’s surface under discussion
  2. Inconsistent subject matter (i.e. pure geography or physical geography) which lacks a regional focus (i.e. large parts of the Australian continent vs. relatively small parcels of land) and includes several bodies of water,
  3. Off-topic content, i.e. two “places” located in other parts of Oceania,
  4. And did not include any articles that discuss the state of Tasmania.
Annnotated list
  • Gulf of Carpentaria – a gulf on the north coast of the Australian continent (and which appear twice in the template)
  • Zealandia – a now-submerged continent which overlaps parts of Melanesia and Polynesia which are both not part of ‘Australasia’
  • Kula Gulf - a gulf in Melanesia
  • Australia – the entire Australian continent
  • Capital Country – a tourism region in New South Wales
  • Eastern Australia - mainland states of Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales and the following territories - the Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay Territory,
  • Lake Eyre basin – a drainage basin in the central part of the continent
  • Murray–Darling basin - a drainage basin in the eastern half of the continent
  • Northern Australia – all of the continent north of 26 degrees south
  • Nullarbor Plain - plain in South Australia and Western Australia
  • Outback – an undefined area that covers most of the Australian continent with exception to the urban areas adjoining the continental coastline
  • Southern Australia – all of the continent south of 26 degrees south
  • Maralinga – land in the west of South Australia which is Aboriginal-owned and which is operated as a local government area
  • Sunraysia, an “ill–defined district” in New South Wales and Victoria
  • Great Victoria Desert – a desert in South Australia and Western Australia (which overlays part of Maralinga)
  • Gulf St Vincent – a gulf on the south coast of the continent in South Australia
  • Lefevre Peninsula – coastal peninsula in the Adelaide metropolitan area in South Australia
  • Fleurieu Peninsula – coastal peninsula in rural South Australia
  • Yorke Peninsula – coastal peninsula in rural South Australia
  • Eyre Peninsula – coastal peninsula in rural South Australia
  • Mornington Peninsula - coastal peninsula in Victoria
  • Bellarine Peninsula - coastal peninsula in Victoria
  • Mount Henry Peninsula – a peninsula in suburban Perth in Western Australia

Regards Cowdy001 (talk) 05:13, 9 November 2019 (UTC)