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Copyright GFDL attribution.[edit]

Edit 1 is a copy/paste with 1 row move from [1] from South African general election, 2009, which was based on South African general election, 2004's Template:South African general election, 2004 (history). -- Jeandré, 2009-04-26t05:05z

Plus, minus, minus.[edit]

Why is ± being used for zero changes in seats? It makes no sense in this context - is it something from non-Commonwealth English, or something else outside South Africa?

Why is the − being used for minus instead of keyboard -, when the keyboard " is used for double quotes instead of «˵˶ˮ˝ʺ»? -- Jeandré, 2009-04-27t20:59z

A proposal[edit]

I think this table is a bit confusing, and I would like to reformat this table to the same format I have used on {{Western Cape provincial election, 2009}}. This table is supposed to summarize the results of the 2009 election, but as it stands much of it is devoted to describing all the floor-crossings of 2005 and 2007, or listing the results of the 2004 election for parties that were defunct in 2009. Neither of these things seem relevant to me.

I do agree that we should show the change in seats since the previous election as well as the change in seats relative to the position after floor-crossing. This I propose to handle with two "+/-" columns and an explanatory note. I also understand that there is an objection to removing the parties that were on the 2004 ballot but not on the 2009 ballot, because then the "+/-" columns don't sum to 0; I propose to also address this with an explanatory note.

Thoughts? - htonl (talk) 01:34, 3 December 2010 (UTC)