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Five Comics, not Three[edit]

Tales from the Crypt as a series is comprised of five comics: Tales from the Crypt, Vault of Horror, Haunt of Fear, Crime SuspenStories and Shock SuspenStories. Do not remove the latter two from the list because you may think they "don't belong," because they do. These comics also featured the CryptKeeper, Vault Keeper and Old Witch. Many episodes of the HBO-aired Tales from the Crypt were based on the latter two comics. Even Tales from the Crypt is a spin-off of an older EC Comic called Crime Patrol which later became Crime SuspenStories. Elranzer (talk) 07:24, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Crypt of Terror -> Tales from the Crypt[edit]

Crypt of Terror is not a separate comic in the EC Comics Tales from the Crypt series. Crypt of Terror was eventually renamed to Tales from the Crypt after a special issue of Crypt of Terror was released named 3D Tales from the Crypt of Terror. EC took a liking to the "Tales from the Crypt" portion of that long title.Elranzer (talk) 07:24, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Two-Fisted Tales[edit]

Two-Fisted Tales does not belong in the Tales from the Crypt comics series. It is part of a different series, the war comics, which also included Frontline Combat. It's true that three episodes of the HBO-aired Tales from the Crypt were based on the EC Comics Two-Fisted Tales, however this was not originally meant to be. Two-Fisted Tales was originally going to be its own show, but it got canceled and the only three aired episodes were shuffled into a season of Tales from the Crypt.