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I'm wondering how topics like Love of God, Awe of God, Mystical approach, Ethical approach, Jewish meditation, Jewish services, Torah study, Tzedakah, and Mitzvot are related to Teshuva per se in the fully direct sense. Of course, all these topics are connected (and even those for which valid sources can be adduced that state that there is indeed a direct connection, which I don't doubt, the question is how that is obvious to the reader who visits those respective articles, especially since some of them explain these concepts from a non-Jewish perspective as well--for example the Love of God article doesn't mention the perspective of Torah altogether). However, Teshuva is a very broad topic, which means returning to full observance of Orthodox Judaism. There are many other things that could also be listed, such as Shabbos, keeping Kosher, Nidda, Tefillin, Mezuza, and so on. As for different approaches to Teshuva, to create balance it would not be sufficient to list the Mussar movement (what "Ethical approach" links to), but you'd also have to link to the Chassidic movement, and so on. In other words, how are the items listed on this template so different from the Judaism template, and what are the criteria exactly for including something here? I move that only those topics directly related to teshuva, such as Confession in Judaism, Atonement in Judaism, and the like, be included. Yehoishophot Oliver (talk) 04:00, 20 December 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]