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Template name and contents[edit]

This navbox contains a large and varied collection of links both directly and distantly related to the Ferdinand Marcos regime. It was proposed for deletion or radical pruning at TfD:Template:The_Marcoses - please see the full related discussion there.

Proposal 1 : Reduce the content to Marcos family members[edit]

This, that and the other has proposed that the content be pruned down to relatives of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

It is extremely easy for readers to find the senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. The Marcos' other relatives are either collaborators or apologists for the Marcos regime, or virtually insignificant. Therefore I think that a collection of family links would serve no useful purpose. Relatives should be mentioned in the personal life sections of their biographies.

Proposal 2: Rename this template to Marcos presidency[edit]

This box contains an important set of starting points for people researching the 20-year Marcos regime. Links to some of the most relevant articles in Wikipedia, contained in this navbox, are missing from Ferdinand Marcos (and, obviously, Imelda Marcos) and appear only in this navbox. This is the only navbox with any content related to the Marcos regime, and it contains the only links in Ferdinand Marcos to several of Marcos's political opponents and collaborators. These include Insurgency in the Philippines, New People's Army, Moro National Liberation Front, Assassination of Ninoy Aquino, NAMFREL and People Power Revolution. Also, Constitution of the Philippines is a link hidden underneath alternative text in Ferdinand Marcos, and Rolex 12 only appears without elaboration under "See also". If deleted from this navbox without corrective editing, some of these highly relevant articles would be orphaned from the Marcos article.

To me, it seems very obvious that what is needed is to move the box to a better name like Marcos presidency and to delete all the general links which don't relate directly to the Marcos presidency. This proposal has received support from Dr Blofeld at TfD:Template:The_Marcoses.

Rubywine . talk 10:09, 14 August 2011 (UTC)

Hmm... I agree that there are only marginally related subjects in the navbox which should have been linked in-text in the various articles instead. However, I only see a few really. The Education field being the most irrelevant. Most of the rest are useful in that they provide links to events and whatnot before, during, and after his presidency.
I disagree that only Ferdinand, Imelda, and Ferdinand, Jr. are notable. The entire family still have very high media profiles in the Philippines, and some (if not all) have been involved in politics or a controversy at some point. They're perceived as the counterpoint somewhat to the Cojuangco-Aquino clan (of which the current president is one). In other words, much of their notability comes from the fact that they are Marcoses (cf. the Kennedys).
While the template can be split into the Marcos family and the Marcos presidency, they will all be placed in the same articles anyway. The only real benefit of doing that would be changing the navbox title, which is not quite enough justification imo.
All in all, yes. The least relevant links should be deleted, and the title be changed to the Marcos presidency with the Marcos family as a subfield (names of people without articles should be deleted). But that would constitute minor tweaking really, a combination of the two proposals (the most sensible option, imo) would result in navbox already very much like the current one. Certainly not enough for it to be TfD'd in the first place.-- Obsidin Soul 07:47, 19 August 2011 (UTC)