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fix is needed[edit]

I just wanted to say that I did a fix of the code for wikipedia, and I need someone to copy and paste it into the article. I didn't do anything bad to the code, oh and you had Victor Wong in there twice, I changed one to Victor Browne. Also I changed the actors to more notable ones in the series, not ones that are only in one movie.

|name = Tremors
|title = Tremors film series
|group1 = Film
|list1  = ''[[Tremors (film)|Tremors]]''{{•}}''[[Tremors 2:
Aftershocks]]''{{•}}''[[Tremors 3: Back to Perfection]]''{{•}}''
[[Tremors 4: The Legend Begins]]''{{•}}''[[Tremors V: The Thunder from Down Under]]''
|group2 = Television
|list2  = ''[[Tremors (TV series)|Tremors: The Series]]''
|group3 = Notable actors
|list3  = [[Michael Gross]]{{•}}[[Fred Ward]]{{•}}[[Victor Browne]]{{•}}
[[Gladys Jimnez]]{{•}}[[Marcia Strassman]]{{•}}[[Lela Lee]]
{{•}}[[Dean Norris]]{{•}}[[J.D. Walsh]]{{•}}[[Christopher Lloyd]]
{{•}}[[Sarah Rafferty]]{{•}}[[Robert Jayne]]{{•}}
[[Kevin Bacon]]{{•}}[[Tinsley Grimes]]{{•}}[[Ariana Richards]]{{•}}
[[Charlotte Stewart]]
|group4 = Characters
|list4  = [[Burt Gummer]]{{•}}[[Earl Bassett]]{{•}}[[Graboid]]{{•}}[[El Blanco]]

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