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Inclusion Criteria[edit]

This template needs to have a defined inclusion criteria as to whether only Vice Presidents who succeeded to the Presidency due to the death or resignation of their predecessor (John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Gerald R. Ford), or should incumbent Vice Presidents who were elected as President in their own right (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, George H.W. Bush) also be included. --TommyBoy (talk) 02:03, 26 December 2010 (UTC)

Since it appears that all incumbent Vice Presidents who were elected or succeeded to the Presidency are being added to this Template, I have added Martin Van Buren who is the only other Vice President meeting that criteria and had not been included. --TommyBoy (talk) 04:50, 27 December 2010 (UTC)
Believing that this template should include only those VPs who succeeded to the presidency intra-term, i.e. following an incumbent's death or resignation, I was bold and removed Adams, Jefferson, Van Buren and G. H. W. Bush from it, and have clarified in the template header that the people included are those Vice Presidents who succeeded to the presidency intra-term. Please, if this change is reverted, discuss your motivation for doing so here. Thanks. Drdpw (talk) 18:06, 27 November 2016 (UTC)