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Was Estonia sovereign state than? --Dotz Holiday (talk) 22:08, 11 December 2011 (UTC)


Thgis review was stimulated by the World War I Editathon, 16 June 2012
  • Albania: Two paragraphs in "Principality_of_Albania#World_War_I"
  • Angola: Article "German campaign in Angola"
  • Armenia: Paragraph in "Russian_Armenia#World_War_One_and_independence.2C_1914_-_1918", link to Caucasus Campaign
  • Australia: article "Military history of Australia during World War I"
  • Austria-Hungary severeal paragraphs in "Austria-Hungary#World_War_I"
  • Belgium: Two paragraphs in "History of Belgium#World War I" and link to Rape of Belgium
  • Brazil: "Brazil during World War I"
  • Bulgaria: "Bulgaria during World War I"
  • Canada: "Military history of Canada during the First World War"
  • China Four paragraphs in "History of the Republic of China#World War I and brief Manchu restoration"
  • Czechoslovakia: Three paragraphs in "Origins of Czechoslovakia#World War I (1914–1918)"
  • East Africa: "East African Campaign (World War I)"
  • Estonia: "Occupation of Estonia by the German Empire"
  • France: Five paragraphs in "History of France#World War I"
  • Georgia: One and a half paragraphs in "Georgia within the Russian Empire#World War One and independence"
  • Germany: History of Germany during World War I"
  • Greece: "Greece during World War I" Clean up request
  • Hungary: "Hungary in World War I" improvement request
  • India: "British Raj#First World War, Lucknow Pact: 1914–1918" Not much about war nothing about Hindu-German conspiracy
  • Iran: "Persian Campaign"
  • Ireland: "Ireland and World War I"
  • Italy: "Military history of Italy during World War I"
  • Japan: Japan during World War I"
  • Luxembourg: German occupation of Luxembourg in World War I"
  • Montenegro: History of Montenegro#World War I"
  • Morocco: article on "Zaian War"
  • Netherlands: two paragraphs in "History of the Netherlands (1900–present)#World War I"
  • New Zealand: Two paragraphs "History of the Netherlands (1900–present)#World War I"
  • Newfoundland: One paragraph in "Dominion of Newfoundland#World War I and after" link to Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • Northern Epirus: "Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus#Recognition of autonomy and outbreak of World War I"
  • Ottoman Empire: "Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire#World War I, 1914–1918"
  • Poland: "History of Poland during World War I"
  • Portugal: "Portugal during World War I"
  • Russia: "Russian history, 1892–1917#Russia at war, 1914–1916"
  • Romania: "Romania during World War I"
  • Serbia: "History of Serbia#Serbia in World War I"
  • South Africa: "History of South Africa (1910–1948)#World War I"
  • Spain: "Spain in World War I"
  • Switzerland: "Switzerland during the World Wars"
  • Ukraine: "Ukraine during World War I"
  • United Kingdom: "History of the United Kingdom during World War I"
  • United States: "United States in World War I"
  • Vietnam: "Vietnam during World War I"
  • Yemen: "South Arabia during World War I"
  • Yugoslavia: "Creation of Yugoslavia#Yugoslav Committee"


This all seems a bit of mish-mash - partly because lots of the "nations" (or nation states) arose as a result of the war, as the old empires crumbled. The template says "History of World War I by region or sovereign state" and perhaps we could have the template separated out into theatres. Also some countries were involved in the war, other countries had the war fought out on their territory. Some articles focus on military history, others are more political history or social history.Leutha (talk) 11:15, 17 June 2012 (UTC)

India's entry is entirely political; military aspects are in Indian Army during World War I and a passing comment in Royal Indian Navy. Probably needs a single joint article - India in World War I?. Andrew Gray (talk) 12:56, 18 June 2012 (UTC)