Temple, North Dakota

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Church/ public school building

Temple is an abandoned township located in Williams County, North Dakota. There are few remaining structures which include: the Temple Public School, the Temple Lutheran Church, a garage, and several houses. It is a true ghost town, having no current residents.[citation needed]


Temple, ND is located at 48°23'20.31"N 103°03'21.66"W.[1] The elevation is 2,352ft.


The township known as Temple was first established on July 16, 1906, and was originally named Haarstad, for Ole G. Haarstad, the township postmaster and townsite owner.[2] The town was later renamed to "Temple" by officials of the Great Northern Railway. Temple's post office was created on March 12, 1908, and was closed April 30, 1965. [3]


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Coordinates: 48°23′20.31″N 103°03′21.66″W / 48.3889750°N 103.0560167°W / 48.3889750; -103.0560167