Temple B'nai Shalom (Brookhaven, Mississippi)

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Temple B'nai Shalom (Sons or Children of Peace) is a synagogue in Brookhaven, in Lincoln County of Mississippi, (not to be confused with another historic and architecturally significant Jewish temple of the same name on the National Register of Historic Places in Huntsville, Alabama).


The congregation formed in 1894.[1] A synagogue building was erected at Chickasaw and South Church streets in 1896. Although still a synagogue, B'nai Shalom holds only occasional services.[2]


The white clapboard building is notable for its Moorish Revival Horseshoe arch windows and for a truncated tower that "references the porthole of an Islamic minaret" with a slender Horseshoe arch window.[3]


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Coordinates: 31°34′41″N 90°26′48″W / 31.578088°N 90.446530°W / 31.578088; -90.446530