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Temple City Unified School District is the governing public school system of Temple City, California, in the West San Gabriel Valley. Encompassing approximately four square miles, the District includes within its boundaries most of the incorporated city of Temple City, small areas of Arcadia and San Gabriel, and some unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Nine schools fall under this area: Temple City High School - a comprehensive high school (grades 9–12), one alternative high school (grades 10–12), one alternative junior academy (grades 7–9), one intermediate school, four elementary schools, and an adult education school.[1]


Established as a unified school district on July 1, 1954, the population of the District's service area is approximately 35,000, and the District employs approximately 390 full-time personnel and about 350 part-time staff. The District's activities and programs are regulated by The California Education Code and both State and Federal laws. Some programs are mandated, while others are permissive.[1]

Distinguished School Award[edit]

The district is recognized as "A District of Distinguished Schools" as all the public schools have been awarded the Distinguished School Award by the California Department of Education, placing each awarded school in the top five percent of California's public schools in the given year.[2]

Cloverly Elementary School (grades 4–6) was the first to receive the award, in 1995. The District's intermediate school, Oak Avenue Intermediate School (grades 7–8), and comprehensive high school, Temple City High School (grades 9–12), received the award in 1996. One year later, in 1997, both Emperor Elementary School (grades K–6) and La Rosa Elementary School (grades K–3) received the award, followed by Longden Elementary School (grades K–6) in 2004.[3]

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