Templul Coral

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Choral Synagogue Bucharest (August 2016)
Templul Coral (January 2008)

The Choral Temple (Romanian: Templul Coral) is a synagogue located in Bucharest, Romania. It is a copy of Vienna's Leopoldstadt-Tempelgasse Great Synagogue, which was raised in 1855-1858. It was designed by Enderle and Freiwald and built between 1857 - 1867. The synagogue was devastated by the far-right Legionaries, but was then restored after World War II, in 1945.
The main hall was recently refurbished, and re-opened in 2015.

It still hosts daily religious services in the small hall, being one of the few active synagogues in the city and in Romania,

Address: Str. Sf. Vineri, nr. 9-11

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Coordinates: 44°25′52″N 26°06′24″E / 44.43100°N 26.10667°E / 44.43100; 26.10667