Temptation of Wolves

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Temptation of Wolves
Romance of Their Own film poster.jpg
Hanja 늑대의
Revised Romanization Neukdaeui yuhok
McCune–Reischauer Nŭkdae ŭi yuhok
Directed by Kim Tae-kyun
Produced by Cha Seung-jae
Noh Jong-yun
Im Choong-ryul
Written by Kim Tae-kyun
Based on Temptation of Wolves
by Guiyeoni
Starring Jo Han-sun
Lee Chung-ah
Kang Dong-won
Music by Lee Hoon-seok
Cinematography Jin Yong-hwan
Edited by Ko Im-pyo
Distributed by Showbox
Release date
  • July 22, 2004 (2004-07-22)
Running time
113 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Temptation of Wolves (Hangul늑대의 유혹; RRNeukdaeui yuhok; also known as Romance of Their Own or True Romance) is a 2004 South Korean film directed by Kim Tae-kyun, and based on a novel of the same name by Internet author Guiyeoni. Starring Jo Han-sun, Kang Dong-won and Lee Chung-ah, the film is about an average high school girl who moves from the countryside to Seoul after her father's death only to become involved in a love triangle with the two most handsome and popular guys in town.

2,189,453 admissions made it the 9th highest grossing Korean film of 2004.[1]


From her appearance to her mannerisms, it is easy to tell that Jung Han-kyeong (Lee Chung-ah) is a country girl. After her father's death, she comes to Seoul to live with her mother (Kim Bo-yeon), planning to attend Kang-Shin High School. However, her life in Seoul is a series of mental and physical shocks. On the bus, a slipper is thrown randomly at her head—but her problems don't end there. The guy who threw the slipper is none other than Ban Hae-won (Jo Han-sun), the most popular guy at her school, and everywhere he steps, girls trail behind. Seeing Han-kyeong's pitiable and adorable nature, Hae-Won falls for her.

The leader of Sung-Kwon High, Kang-Shin's neighbor and rival, is named Jung Tae-sung (Kang Dong-won), and he, too, has feelings for Han-kyeong. Despite his shy, adorable face, Tae-sung has strong fists and endless obstinacy. A fight that handles both pride and love begins between the two, and neither of them is prepared to back down. But Tae-sung has a secret, one that forces him to love Han-kyeong in spite of himself, and Han-kyeong, ignorant of this, tries to do her best to be gentle with both of them. Eventually, Tae-sung leaves Han-kyeong's side, and later, Han-kyeong and Hae-won learn of his secret.


  • Jo Han-sun ... Ban Hae-won
  • Lee Chung-ah ... Jung Han-kyeong
  • Kang Dong-won ... Jung Tae-sung
  • Jung Da-hye ... Da-reum
  • Kwon Oh-min ... Han Joo-ho
  • Lee Chun-hee ... Yoo-won
  • Lee Ji-hee ... Lee Bo-jung
  • Song Chae-min ... Yoo Jae-hee
  • Kim Ha-eun ... Lee Na-yoon
  • Ahn Hyeong-jun ... Kim Dae-han
  • Do Yong-gu ... Han-kyeong's stepfather
  • Jung Hye-young ... Young Han-kyeong
  • Shin Tae-hoon ... Young Tae-sung
  • Chun Ho-jin ... Tae-sung's father
  • Kim Bo-yeon ... Han-kyeong's mother
  • Nam Jung-hee ... Han-kyeong's grandmother

Awards and nominations[edit]

2004 Blue Dragon Film Awards[2]
2004 Korean Film Awards
2005 Grand Bell Awards
  • Best New Actress – Lee Chung-ah
  • Nomination – Best New Actor – Jo Han-sun
  • Nomination – Best Music - Lee Hoon-seok


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