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"Temptation of Wife" redirects here. For the Philippine remake of the same title, see Temptation of Wife (2012 TV series).
Temptation of Wife
(Lure of Wife)
Temptation of Wife Title Card.png
Promotional poster for Temptation of Wife
Also known as Wife's Temptation
Wife's Revenge
Cruel Temptation
Created by Starmax
Written by Kim Soon-ok
Directed by Oh Se-kang
Starring Jang Seo-hee
Byun Woo-min
Kim Seo-hyung
Lee Jae Hwang
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 129
Executive producer(s) Go Hong Sik
Oh Se Gang
Running time Monday through Friday 7:20pm (KST)
Original network SBS
Original release 3 November 2008 (2008-11-03) – 1 May 2009 (2009-05-01)
Preceded by Aeja's Older Sister, Minja
Followed by Two Wives
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Temptation of Wife (Hangul아내의 유혹; RRAnaeui Yuhok), also called Lure of Wife, was a highly watched drama in South Korea broadcast by SBS. It began to air in 2008 and continued through the early quarter of 2009, ending on May 1, 2009. Despite many controversies about the questionable content of the drama, it currently remains to be one of the most highly watched dramas averaging around 30% each day, and the cast won several awards including the Daesang (Grand Prize) for lead actress Jang Seo Hee at the SBS Drama Awards. It aired on SBS from November 3, 2008 to May 1, 2009 on Mondays to Fridays at 19:20 for 129 episodes.[1][2][3]

The series was a part of the "Wife Trilogy," which includes Two Wives and Wife Returns. the series had two remakes by China and Philippines[4] and 2009 series Temptation of an Angel starring Bae Soo-bin.[5][6]


This revenge thriller centers on the character of Gu Eun-Jae (Jang Seo-hee), a woman whose life is destroyed and nearly ended by her husband, Jung Kyo-Bin (Byeon Woo-Min). Unbeknownst to him, she survives and plots her revenge against him and his mistress, her adopted sister, Shin Ae Ri (Kim Seo-hyung).


Eun Jae is responsible, caring, compassionate and rather naive. She has big dreams and desires to be a successful makeup artist. She is always concerned about her family who has always suffered from poverty and is always willing to sacrifice for her family. She graduates from a prestigious art university where she studied to be a makeup artist. Because of pregnancy when she was taken advantage of by her boyfriend Gyo Bin, she has no choice but to give up on her dreams as she marries him. Although it was a hard decision, once she chose to marry Gyo Bin without love, she tries her hardest for her husband and in-laws and learns to cook and becomes an excellent house wife. Gyo Bin's family abuses her for the 7 years she was there, forcing her to act as a servant to them. However, she soon learns that the life she chose is full of lies and betrayals.

This forces her to transform into a different type of woman (episode 30). Her near death experience becomes a chance for her to be born again. Now, posing as So Hee, she is smart, cunning, sharp-eyed, stylish, talented, ruthless, mean and successful in all she does. She plots revenge against her husband and her adopted sister.

Since his school days, Gyo Bin had always been lazy and dependent on his family's money. He slacked off in his studies and had to resort to bribery just to graduate. He is lazy, dependent on others, useless, selfish, easily deceived, arrogant, irresponsible, a womanizer and quick to push the blame on others.

After graduation, he learned the business of real estate from his father. He had been interested in Eun Jae since high school but she ignored his efforts. He forced himself on her resulting in their marriage but after the miscarriage, Gyo Bin became tired of Eun Jae and cheated on her without remorse. He started to be interested in Ae Ri and when she showed strong interest in him as well, he used her dreams to go to France to study as a way to get her away. But when Ae Ri comes back looking better than before, and with their love child Nino he feels attraction again and listens to her advice filing for a divorce. He soon gets his just deserts as Eun Jae gets her revenge by destroying his family's assets.

Ae Ri is the daughter of Eun Jae's father's friend and when Ae Ri's parents are killed in an accident, Eun Jae's father took her in. Because she lived in another family's home since she was young, she acquired the wisdom to win favors of others around her. Ae Ri is cunning, sly, quick-witted, proud, ruthless, hard-hearted, money- and power-hungry and will do anything to get what she wants. Her desire for success is stronger than most people, and bears grudges when people insult her. She receives unconditional love from Eun Jae's brother Kang Jae and Eun Jae's parents had accepted her as their daughter in-law for the future. Although she assumes the perfect role in front of others, inside she dreams of raising her social status and was never satisfied with Kang Jae. She had always been interested in Gyo Bin and is jealous when Eun Jae marries him. As the series progresses, her mental state becomes uninhibited and she transforms into desperate monster.

She has always felt second next to Eun Jae, and is able to humiliate Eun Jae's family without conscience, even though her family has raised her since young. When she is approached by Gyo Bin, she will do anything to live the life she has always dreamed.

As an orphan, he suffered through hardships but his life turned when Lady Min adopted him as her son. He cared for Lady Min's daughter So Hee, thinking that it was the right thing to do for Lady Min but when he realizes that So Hee loves him, he tries to let her down as gently as possible. After So Hee's apparent suicide, Gun Woo feels responsible for the ordeal but he meets Eun Jae and falls in love with her. He works with Gyo Bin in the construction company as an architect although he is He has warm and caring characteristics as well but remains composed. But he has the ability to act recklessly in order to be with Eun Jae.

Eun Jae's Family:

Although he is indifferent to his wife's hard work, when it comes to his children, his love for them is extraordinary. He is a former singer who does not make much money for his family.

She is the typical mother and with her resourcefulness leads the family. She works as a house cleaner to provide for here family and meets Lady Min by chance.

With a unique personality unlike both of his parents, he lives for justice but occasionally when he gets angry, he is like fire with his hot temperament. But even for him, he is willing to do anything for Ae Ri.

Gyo Bin's Family:

He interprets everything with money and only understands money. He betrays Lady Min who practically fed him and sent him to college and acquired wealth. He later became the chairman of Chunghee Construction with a strip of land stolen from Lady Min.

As the only daughter of a wealthy family, she is ignorant and loves to spend money. She believes she is in control of her husband but in reality, her husband is more interested in money than her. She demands her daughter in-law Eun Jae to take lessons in cooking and flower arrangement but loves to gamble with her friends during the day.

Everyone knows of Ha Neul as Ha Jo's very young sister but the truth is that Ha Neul is the daughter that was born between Ha Jo and Lady Min and is the older paternal half-sister of Soo Bin and Gyo Bin. She has the capacity of only a ten-year-old but sometimes knows how to say the right thing at the right time. Her character provides comic relief.

Soo Bin attended Eun Jae's high school and is also the latter's sister-in-law. She has an entirely different mentality than that of her family and isn't focused on wealth. She's kind, caring, and considerate and helps out Ha Neul as well as Eun Jaein times of need.

Gun Woo's Family:

She is a successful owner of her own beauty shop company and vows to never trust another man after she is betrayed by her first love Jung Ha Jo. She has a daughter Soo Hee and later adopts Gun Woo in to the family. Although she is a ruthless as a business owner, she is warm and caring to her family.

When her mother was out for work, she was cared for by her adoptive brother. She starts to love Gun Woo without realizing it. She needs to have whatever she wants and thus, cannot give up on her feelings toward Gun Woo. After being rejected by Gun Woo, she commits suicide coincidentally at the same beach where Eun Jae drowned.

Ae Ri's Family:

Ae Ri's son with Gyo Bin.


Temptation of a Wife has been widely criticized because of the content and production. For example, there was much criticism from audiences when Eun Jae comes back as So Hee, drawing a mole on her right cheek and everyone fails to recognize her as Eun Jae. Other characters also believe that So Hee is not Eun Jae because of the different personalities. Eun Jae was sweet and friendly while So Hee is mean and ruthless.[7] Other controversies have dealt with the speediness of the drama and overly set up plot. Further, there has been a lawsuit by author Jung Hye Kyung who claimed that 'Temptation of a Wife' plagiarized her book Janus' City.[8]

Some people also believe that the drama is too harsh and unrealistic in terms of content.[who?]


In the tables below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.

International broadcast[edit]

  • It aired in Vietnam from March 16, 2011 on VTV3.

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