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Location in Tajikistan

Temurmalik District or Nohiya-i Temurmalik (Tajik: Ноҳияи Темурмалик) is a district in the Khatlon province of Tajikistan, located south of the Vakhsh Range along the middle course of Kyzylsu River.[1] It had an estimated population of 57,700 as of 2008.[2] Before 1957, it was called Qizil-Mazor District (Tajik: Ноҳияи Қизил Мазор) or Kzyl-Mazar District (Russian: Кзыл-Мазарский район), then renamed Sovetskiy District (Russian: Советский район), and in 2004 given its present name Temurmalik District.[3][4] The new name honors a medieval military hero, Timur Malik, who in 1220 led the people of Khujand in their struggle against the Mongol occupation.[5]

In 2012, Tajikistan experienced one of the harshest winters in 50 years resulting in major flooding as the snow melted. Kiblay Village in the Temurmalik District was one of the most heavily damaged areas within Tajikistan as a result of the floods.[6]


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