Ten-wheel drive

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U.S. Marine's 10x10 Oshkosh Logistic Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR) with armored cab, in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

Ten-wheel drive, 10WD or 10×10 is a drivetrain configuration of ten wheels, all of which are driven simultaneously by the engine. Unlike four-wheel drive drivetrains, this configuration is only used in extreme off-road and military uses, in particular heavy duty uses, such a heavy haulage and missile carriers. It is also used in lorries.

The Oshkosh M1074 and M1075 prime mover units in the U.S. Army's Palletized Load System (PLS), the U.S. Marine's 10x10 Oshkosh Logistic Vehicle System Replacement (LVSR), and the Tatra T816 10×10 cargo carrier are all examples of vehicles using this particular driveline system. Some severe/extreme duty semi tractors may also have this drive configuration.

10x10's are not as common as 4×4's, 6×6's and 8×8's.

U.S. Army's Oshkosh 10x10 M1075 Palletized Load System (PLS)
Ten-wheel driven Sisu E15TP.
Indian Army 10x10 Tatra trucks mounting BM-30 Smerch Soviet heavy multiple rocket launcher.