Ten Days in Paris

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Ten Days in Paris
"Ten Days in Paris" (1940).jpg
U.S. one sheet theatrical poster
Directed by Tim Whelan
Produced by Irving Asher
Written by James Curtis
John Meehan Jr.
Based on novel The Disappearance of Roger Tremayne by Bruce Graeme
Starring Rex Harrison
Kaaren Verne
C.V. France
Joan Marion
Music by Miklós Rózsa
Cinematography Otto Kanturek
Edited by Hugh Stewart
Irving Asher Productions
Distributed by Columbia Pictures Corporation (UK)
Release dates
June 1, 1940 (UK)
April 20, 1941 (USA)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Ten Days in Paris is a 1940 British comedy mystery film directed by Tim Whelan and starring Rex Harrison, Kaaren Verne and C.V. France.[1] The film is also known as Missing Ten Days and Spy in the Pantry. [2] A tourist in Paris turns out to be a doppelganger of a German spy operating in the French capital.


Critical reception[edit]

The Radio Times wrote, "as an example of gentlemanly espionage - which only Hitchcock broke with violent genius - it has no suspense, and even the charismatic Harrison exhibits little of his usual flair" ; [3] while The New York Times wrote, "preposterous as it is, Missing Ten Days is rattling good fun." [4]


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