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Ten Thirteen Productions is a production company founded by Chris Carter in 1993, which produced four television series and two films (The X-Files and The X-Files: I Want to Believe). The company was named after Carter's birthday, October 13. The Ten Thirteen offices are located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California.


The company was founded when Carter began his series The X-Files in 1993. With the success of The X-Files continuously growing, in 1996 the company embarked on a new series; Millennium. The series lasted for three seasons. In 1998, they released a film simply titled The X-Files, which grossed $189,198,313. In 1999, as Millennium was canceled, a third series was put into production, Harsh Realm. Despite critical praise, it was canceled after only nine episodes. In 2001 they decided to create a direct spin-off from The X-Files and the result was The Lone Gunmen. This was canceled after one season.

Produced material[edit]

Television series (1993–2018)[edit]



The numbers 10 and 13 appeared often in The X-files, from Fox Mulder's date of birth, to the time displayed on the digital clock on a bedside table... (10:13)

  • In X-files episode 3x9, the number seen multiple times on top of the train carriage used by the Japanese, '82517' is 10 13 if you take 8+2 and 5+1+7
  • In X-Files episode 3x16 (36:03), there is a room in a "Silo" numbered 1013, where presumably, is stored an "Alien Ship"
  • In X-Files episode 9x14 (30:30), Tommy Collins says "I made this" while showing his drawings to Agent Monica Reyes. This is probably a reference to the Ten Thirteen Productions logo, in which sound producer Thierry J. Couturier's son, Nathan Conturier, says "I made this!" over the sound of a film reel rolling.