Ten Zen Men Project

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Ten Zen Men Project
Studio album by Neil Zaza
Released 1997
Genre Instrumental rock
Label Dream On
Producer Robin DiMaggio, Neil Zaza, Andre Berry
Neil Zaza chronology
Ten Zen Men Project
Snap, Crackle & Pop...Live!

Ten Zen Men Project was an album by Ten Zen Men, a project composed of American guitarist Neil Zaza, drummer Robin DiMaggio (Steve Vai, Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney) and LA bassist Andre Berry. It was written and recorded in 5 days. While not an official Neil Zaza release, it is included on Neil's official discography.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Chuck's Welcoming"
  2. "Funkalicious"
  3. "Mutha Funk"
  4. "M.O.F.O.E."
  5. "Bell Bottom"
  6. "Havana's Theme"
  7. "Present"
  8. "Virus"
  9. "Haunted House"
  10. "Bass Orgy"
  11. "Marshmallow"
  12. "Chuck's Goodbye"
  13. "Crickets"