Tenacious D: Time Fixers

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Tenacious D: Time Fixers
Directed by Drew Hancock
Produced by Kelly Kubik & Ben Cooley, & Dan Harmon
Written by Dan Harmon
Starring Jack Black
Kyle Gass
Michael Keaton
JR Reed
Dan Harmon
Paul F. Tompkins
Edited by David Rennie
Distributed by iTunes and Channel 101
Country United States
Language English

Tenacious D: Time Fixers is a short movie that was used as a promotional tool on the iTunes website. The movie starred Tenacious D as well as Michael Keaton[1] and longtime collaborators JR Reed and Paul F. Tompkins. The first half of the film was available as a free download iTunes, while the second half could only be accessed after pre-ordering the album.[2]

Time Fixers can also be found on the second disk of The Complete Masterworks Part 2.

Jack Black has appeared in another Dan Harmon project Computerman and in an episode of Community.


At an open mic night, Tenacious D are performing "Training Melody" to an indifferent crowd, one of whom says they suck (Dan Harmon). After the show, they get a message from Michael Keaton as himself, saying that the time-space continuum has been disrupted in the Ford's Theater in 1850. After they travel there, they discover Abraham Lincoln walked out of his play due to hating it, therefore preventing the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Kyle Gass attempts to convince him to get shot and bribes him with seven cents, which he thinks is a thousand dollars there, but Abraham naturally refuses. The two confront the Time Goblin (JR Reed) who staged the scenario so he could confront Tenacious D and take their "time machine" (a normal-looking car with time-travel capabilities, much like the DeLorean time machine). They fight, and the Goblin wins. The goblin ties them into the presidential party box so John Wilkes Booth will assassinate them instead and takes the time machine. The two break free and discover Abraham is now willing to get shot, since he discovered from Kyle's seven cents his face is on the future penny and is now grateful. Right when Jack and Kyle realize they still don't have a time machine, they discover H.G. Wells, who has the time machine from his book and they leave with it.

The Time Goblin, now in prehistoric times, is about to kill a butterfly to distort the future, only to be encountered and successfully killed by Jack and Kyle. Before they go back to the present, they rig time so the person who said the band sucked, Steve Johnson, will be shown his own death certificate and tombstone that exact moment.


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