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Former municipality
Church in Tenala
Church in Tenala
Coat of Arms of Tenhola
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 60°03′30″N 23°18′00″E / 60.05833°N 23.30000°E / 60.05833; 23.30000Coordinates: 60°03′30″N 23°18′00″E / 60.05833°N 23.30000°E / 60.05833; 23.30000
Country Finland
Region Uusimaa
Established 1329 [1]
Consolidated To Ekenäs in 1993
 • Total 443.6 km2 (171.3 sq mi)
Population (1988)[1]
 • Total 2,991
 • Density 6.7/km2 (17/sq mi)
 • Swedish 86.96%
Climate Dfb

Tenala (Finnish: Tenhola) is a former municipality in Uusimaa, Finland. It was neighboured by Hanko, Kisko, Perniö, Pohja, Särkisalo and Ekenäs.

The municipality was established in 1329. The stone church of Tenala was built in late 15th century and the paintings on the piers are from the 17th century. The bell tower of the church was renovated in 1762. In 1988, Tenala had 2991 inhabitants living in an area of 443.6 km2 and 86.96% of the inhabitants spoke Swedish as their native language. In 1993, the municipality consolidated with Ekenäs. In 2009, Tenala became a part of the newly established city of Raseborg.

Notable residents[edit]


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