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Tenampa is a municipality located in the montane central zone in the State of Veracruz, about 30 km from state capital Xalapa. It has a surface of 69.92 km2. It is located at 19°15′N 96°53′W / 19.250°N 96.883°W / 19.250; -96.883. In 1455 the war comes to the municipality by means of the emperor Moctezuma; in 1514, the conquest of the Spanish is consumed being baptized of Xampala-Tenampa. In 1912, the general Jiménez supported a battle in Cotlamanes's hill against the Government of Victoriano Huerta.

Geographic Limits[edit]

The municipality of Tenampa is delimited to the north by Tlaltetela and to the south by Totutla.[1] It is watered by several rivers as Huitzilapan river and La Antigua river.


It produces principally maize, coffee and mango.


In Tenampa , in October takes place the celebration in honor to San Francisco de Asís, Patron of the town, and in December takes place the celebration in honor to Virgen de Guadalupe.


The weather in Tenampa is warm and wet all year with rains in summer and autumn.


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