Tenbury and Bewdley Railway

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Tenbury & Bewdley Railway
Welsh Marches line
to Hereford
Woofferton Junction
Welsh Marches line
to Shrewsbury
Easton Court
Tenbury Wells
Newnham Bridge
Neen Sollars
Cleobury Mortimer
Wyre Forest
Dowles Bridge
over River Severn
Severn Valley Railway
to Bridgnorth
Severn Valley Railway
to Kidderminster
Tenbury Wells Station, with ex-Great Western Diesel railcar in 1949
The remains of Dowles Bridge

The Tenbury and Bewdley Railway was a railway that ran from Bewdley in Worcestershire to Tenbury station which was in Shropshire, England. From Tenbury the railway continued to Woofferton via the Tenbury Railway; the route formed by the two railways sometimes being referred to as the Wyre Forest line or simply the Tenbury Line.

Early history[edit]

The Tenbury and Bewdley Railway was authorised by Act of Parliament in 1860 to form a connection between the Tenbury Railway and the Severn Valley Railway, both railways then being under construction. Construction of the Tenbury and Bewdley Railway began in 1861 and was completed in August 1864. The railway was operated from opening by the GWR, who also took over the operation of the Tenbury Railway from that time.[1]

The Tenbury & Bewdley Railway ceased to exist as a separate company when ownership was fully transferred to the GWR in February 1870.[2]


From Bewdley the Wyre Forest line ran north from the GWR station on a single line track alongside the Severn Valley Railway for a distance of about a mile before diverging to the west to cross the river Severn at Dowles Bridge (52°23′08″N 2°19′30″W / 52.3855°N 2.3249°W / 52.3855; -2.3249 (Dowles Bridge)). The intermediate stations on the Tenbury and Bewdley Railway were Wyre Forest, Cleobury Mortimer (Shropshire), Neen Sollars and Newnham Bridge. The Tenbury Railway began at Tenbury Wells (Shropshire) (originally Tenbury) and continued via Easton Court (serving Little Hereford) to Woofferton. Between Woofferton and Newnham the railway was largely built along the line of the disused Leominster Canal.

In 1878 the GWR opened a loop line between Bewdley and Kidderminster. Most of the traffic from the Wyre Forest Line continued via this route, which was described in working timetables as the “Woofferton, Tenbury Wells, Bewdley and Kidderminster Branch”.


The former Tenbury Railway between Woofferton and Tenbury Wells closed on 31 July 1961, although the station at Tenbury remained in use until the section between Tenbury Wells and Bewdley closed for passengers on 1 August 1962[3] and for freight on 6 January 1964.

A number of the station buildings survive in private hands; many share similar architectural features to others in and around the Severn Valley area. For much of its working life it was operated by the Great Western Railway and subsequently the Western Region of British Railways.


There were stations at:


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