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The Tenby International School, Penang is a school in Penang, Malaysia, which teaches children from kindergarten until A-levels (around 18 to 19).[1]

It was started by the Augustin family as Sekolah Sri Inai in the early 1980s as a Malaysian private school. At its peak, it had some 550 students, including a strong contingent from Medan, Indonesia. However, by December 2004, the enrolment dropped to 228 students.[citation needed]

Then, at the behest of some parents, the Tenby Schools Group was invited to revive the School. It re-opened under new management in January 2005[citation needed] and has since been operating as Tenby Schools, Penang. In 2007 it integrated a pre-existing Malaysian private school with a Tenby international school[2][3] in one campus.

In 2011 the school was moved to a new campus in Tanjung Bungah, Penang. The capacity of the new site was 750 children.[4]

Tenby International School also offers A-level studies from year 2013 onwards.


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