Tenderness (Kip Hanrahan album)

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Studio album by
Released1990 (1990)
RecordedDecember 1988 – March 1990
StudioRPM Sound Studios, Skyline Studios, Sorcerer Sound, Sound Ideas Studios, Sound on Sound, New York City
GenreJazz, pop, rock[1]
LabelAmerican Clave
ProducerKip Hanrahan
Kip Hanrahan chronology
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Tenderness is an album by Kip Hanrahan that was released in 1990.[2] It includes guest work by Sting, Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, and Giovanni Hidalgo.

Critical reception[edit]

The Boston Globe said the album "blurs the lines between jazz, rock and Latin music with a raw, sensual complexity through this mysterious 16-song cycle."[3]

The Philadelphia Inquirer listed Tenderness as one of its "10 best pop albums of 1990".[4]

Track listing[edit]

1."...Faith in the Pants, Not in the Prick... (Vallejo's Folk Song)"5:37
2."...When I Lose Myself in the Darkness and Pain of Love, No, This Love..."5:37
3."...She Turned So That Maybe a Third of Her Face Was in This Fuckin' Beautiful Half-Light..."4:31
4."...At the Same Time, As the Subway Train Was Pulling Out of the Station..."4:29
5."...I Told Him 'I Don't Have to Be Beaten to Be Understood'..."6:01
6."...Look, the Moon... (Diahnne's)"5:05
7."...Half of Sex Is Fear..."6:26
8."Gillian's Folk Song"3:47
10."...There Was Something About His Anger That Was So...Inaccessible to Me..."5:45
11."...If I Knew How to, If I Knew What Muscles to Relax..."3:13
12."...You're No Pimp, and I'm Certainly No Whore..."1:31
13."Deep Summer"4:13
14."...Look, the Moon... (Carmen's)"5:44
15."In Place of an Epilog: Lullabye for My Daughter"3:04
16."In Place of a Moral: Geography"5:05



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