Tendoy, Idaho

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"Tendoy" redirects here. For the Tendoy mountain range in Montana, see Tendoy Mountains.

Tendoy is an unincorporated community in Lemhi County, Idaho, United States. It is located at 44°57′34″N 113°38′41″W / 44.95944°N 113.64472°W / 44.95944; -113.64472 (44.9593700, -113.6447780) on State Highway 28, at an altitude of 4,842 feet (1,476 m).[1] the city is named for Tendoy, who was a chief of the Lemhi Shoshone.

It is the nearest location to Lemhi Pass over the Bitterroot Range, where the Lewis and Clark Expedition first crossed the Continental Divide in 1805. Lemhi Pass is a National Historic Landmark. Sacagawea, the Shoshoni woman who guided the Lewis and Clark Expedition was born near Tendoy.

The site of Fort Lemhi is 2 miles north of Tendoy.

The place was named for Tendoy, a prominent Lemhi Shoshone chief in the mid-19th century. He was half-Shoshone and half-Bannock.[2]


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Coordinates: 44°57′34″N 113°38′41″W / 44.95944°N 113.64472°W / 44.95944; -113.64472