Tengo ganas de ti

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Tengo ganas de ti
Directed byFernando González Molina
Produced byFrancisco Ramos
Álex Pina
Mercedes Gamero
Daniel Écija
Written byFederico Moccia
Screenplay byRamon Salazar
StarringMario Casas
Clara Lago
María Valverde
Music byManel Santisteban
CinematographyDaniel Aranyó
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Pictures International Spain.
Release date
  • 2012 (2012)
Running time
130 minutes
Box office$43.100.892

I Want You (Spanish: Tengo ganas de ti) is a 2012 Spanish drama film directed by Fernando González Molina, starring Mario Casas, the sequel to Tres metros sobre el cielo (Three Metres Above Heaven). Based on the novel by Federico Moccia, was produced by Zeta Cinema, Antena 3 Films, Crab Films and Globomedia film and distributed by Warner Bros., Pictures International Spain. It was shot in Barcelona between October 28 and December 30, 2011.


Hache (Mario Casas) flies back to Barcelona after spending two years in London, trying to forget his first love and Pollo's (Álvaro Cervantes) death, his best friend. His brother picks him up from the airport; after he settles himself in, he sees his bike covered with a sheet. H. takes his bike for a spin and lands in the port where he used to race illegally. As soon as he gets there he receives a call, turns out Katina (Marina Salas) found out through Álex (Hache's brother) that he just got back; they both agree to meet at a park. When he arrives at the park, Hache sees Chino (Lucho Fernandez) who tells him that things have changed. Chino invites him to a get-together in a restaurant with their other friends. While waiting sitting on a bench, Katina surprises him and they both sit down for some catch up time. Katina asks Hache if he has missed Babi (Maria Valverde) and tells him that she's seen her, but that she has changed. Hache invites her to the get-together, but Katina declines the invitation and they part ways promising to keep in touch. H. gets on his motorcycle and is seen been followed by Gin (Clara Lago).

Gin follows Hache to a gas station and when he goes into the store, she accidentally hits his bike. He picks it up and asks her what has he done to her. While giggling she explains to him that the motorcycle was in front and accidentally fell. She begs him to give her the keys back and threatens to call the police, he turns around and tells her to call the police to see if her situation will get better. He walks to her car and locks all the doors so she can't get in. On their way she asks him his name and he tells her "Hache" which is the letter "H" in Spanish. She giggles and questions him what real name is behind the letter, by mentioning a few. He answers with Hugo to which she thinks is an appealing name. On the other hand, when she is asked about hers she says that is Gin derived from Ginebra, to which he laughs and mocks her once more.

Days later Katina and Hache go to a club where Daniela (Nerea Camacho) Babi's sister is in and she is drugged having sex. Katina finds her half naked in a bathroom stall. The next morning, Babi wakes up Daniela before her mom sees her and asks her what is wrong with her, after she had received a text at 5:00 AM to go and pick her up, that she got home alone in a taxi almost unconsciously, and that she won't cover up for her anymore. Daniela is seen remembering that along her taxi Hache was riding his motorcycle. Daniela tells her that Hache is back and that he rode his bike along the taxi that she was in and that he had been the one to send Babi the text. That night Hache picks Gin up for a date, while Babi is seen caressing her tattoo that she got which is Hache's initial. Hache takes Gin to a place very high in the city and they both end up making love.

They go out to eat with Luque (Ferrán Vilajosana) and Katina, while this last one receives a call Hache notices Serpiente (Antonio Velázquez) with Pollo's bike. Hache furiously goes towards Serpiente and asks him why he has Pollo's motorcycle. Serpiente defies inferring that for Hache to get back the motorcycle he has to race him. A brawl breaks out but is immediately stopped by Gin and company.

The night of the premiere of the television show, Gin is ready to perform when Hache tells her that there is something that he must do first. While she sings, Hache goes to a party where he reunites with Babi. She takes him to the house she always dreamed it was hers and where they made love the first time, they end up making love on the sand. Meanwhile, Gin finishes her performance and goes on to look for Hache. While walking she hears a woman and a man having sex, she opened the door and notices that it wasn't Hache. She shyly and quietly closes the door and keeps walking, she hears some laughs from another door, she knocks and is one of the top bosses of the TV show. They let her in and tell her that Hache is with them. When she doesn't see him she tells them that she will go and they don't let her, then they try to rape her. Hache ends things with Babi "for the better" and goes to look for Gin. When he gets to the after party of the premier of the show, other dancers tell him that they saw her walk through the corridors of the dressing rooms. When he gets there he hears screams and he sees that Gin is about to be raped. He starts punching the men and yells at Gin to leave. When he's done, he goes to look for Gin and sees her walking away. Gin asks Hache where he's been, and in with his silence she knew it all. She walks away, breaking ties. Hache, in a state of immense pain, races off on his motorcycle and Katina tries to stop him. Hache arrives at the race to face off against Serpiente for Pollo's motorcycle. In the end of the race each rider exchanges motorcycles. Hache finds closure in Pollo's death, and with one final hallucination of him, rides the motorcycle into the water. Weeks pass, Gin has a photography exhibition and all the pictures revolve around Hache. Babi's mother tells their father it's over due to his infidelity. Daniela, Babi and their mother go to Daniela's first doctor's appointment. In another scene Katina is seen happy with Luque. Hache is shown at the exhibition and realizes that Gin has known him from before, and that she has been taking pictures of him for a long time. Hache goes to see her and she tells him he can help her 'fix this disaster', and if they work at it that maybe they'll turn out fine. Hache and Gin become a happy couple once again.


Box office[edit]

June 22, 2012 the film was released in theaters.Mario Casas, María Valverde and Clara Lago madness unleashed at the premiere of 'Tengo ganas de ti'

On its opening day grossed 1,628,000 , 72% of the proceeds of that day, and became the best premiere of the year so far .'Tengo Ganas de Ti', the best opening of the year with 1.6 million at the box office in one day. In its first weekend stood in front of the Spanish box office with €3,197,446 and 487,515 spectators.

Who is the highest grossing Spanish film director In its fourth week beat Three Steps Above Heaven (Spanish: Tres metros sobre el cielo, ‘Three metres above heaven / the sky’) And the eighth and last week raised a total of €12,100,892 and was watched by 1,939,145 viewers.

Globally it stood at the tenth position of the highest grossing films worldwide in its first weekend of release in 2012, with $3,813,618. In Russia, it was the second most popular film, behind the remake, The Amazing Spider-man.

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