Tenjin Station

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Tenjin Station

Tenjin station.jpg
Location1-chōme Tenjin, Chūō, Fukuoka, Fukuoka
Operated byFukuoka City Subway
Line(s)Kūkō Line
Other information
Station codeK08
Running in board(January,2018)

Tenjin Station (天神駅, Tenjin-eki) is a subway station located in Chūō-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. Its station symbol are 5 green dots arranged in a circle, representing a plum blossom. The station is located directly under Meiji-Street (明治通り, Meiji-dōri) in Tenjin, Fukuoka. A large underground shopping mall reaches from Tenjin Station on the Kūkō Line to the Tenjin-Minami Station (天神南駅, Tenjin-Minami-eki) on the Nanakuma Line. The stathion synbol is a prunu's blossom which is symbol of Tenjin deity is made of five green circles.



1  Kūkō Line for Hakata, Fukuokakūkō and Kaizuka
2  Kūkō Line for Nishijin, Meinohama, Chikuzen-Maebaru and Karatsu

Adjacent stations[edit]

Kūkō Line
Akasaka - Nakasu-Kawabata


In 2006 the daily average number of passengers was 63,166. It is the largest Subway Station on the Kūkō Line.


  • July 26, 1981 - opening of Tenjin Station


The underground shopping mall can be used for transfer between the Kūkō Line and the Nanakuma Line. To use the same ticket for both lines, passengers must exit through a special gate and enter the gate of the second line within 120 minutes. Therefore, it is no problem to use the transfer time for shopping. If the regular gate is used, a new ticket is required to be purchased. Special tickets can be used for the transfer.

Coordinates: 33°35′29″N 130°23′57″E / 33.5913747°N 130.3992458°E / 33.5913747; 130.3992458