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State Route 61 primary marker State Route 61 secondary marker

State Route 61
Harvey H. Hannah Memorial Highway
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length 81.67 mi (131.44 km)
Major junctions
West end US 27 / US 70 / SR 1 / SR 29 in Rockwood

I-40 in Harriman
US 27 / SR 29 near Harriman
SR 62 / SR 330 in Oliver Springs
SR 95 near Oak Ridge
US 25W / SR 9 at Clinton
I-75 near Bethel
US 441 / SR 71 near Andersonville
SR 33 at Paulette

SR 33 at Maynardville
East end US 11W / SR 1 at Blaine
Counties Roane, Anderson, Union, Knox, Grainger
Highway system
US 61 SR 62

State Route 61 (SR 61) is a west-to-east highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee that is 69 miles (111 km) long. State Route 61 begins in Roane County, and it ends in Grainger County.

Route description[edit]

Roane County[edit]

SR 61 begins in Roane County as a primary highway in the city of Rockwood at an intersection with US 27 / US 70 / SR 29 / SR 1. It begins concurrent with US 27 as its companion route though it is signed, except on I-40. They then proceed north as a four-lane divided highway and have a junction with the short SR 382, providing access to Roane State Community College, and cross into Harriman. They then continue north to have an interchange with I-40 (exit 347), with only US 27 signed, and enter the "South Harriman" neighborhood. US 27 / SR 61 continue through Harriman's main business district and again intersect and have an unsigned concurrency with SR 29, US 27's main companion route. They then cross the Emory River and enter downtown Harriman as Roane Street. They continue through downtown, still as a four-lane, and junction with SR 328, a loop route through the town of Oakdale. They then leave downtown, as a four-lane divide highway, and go by the Harriman campus of Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) and exit Harriman. US 27 and SR 61 then split at an interchange, with SR 29 following US 27 as its companion route. SR 61 turns east alone as two-lane rural highway. It then intersects SR 327 in the community of Blair. It then enters the community of Kellytown before entering the city of Oliver Springs. It then widens into a four-lane highway with a center turn lane. SR 61 then comes to an intersection with SR 62, which is the main highway in and out of Morgan County, and SR 330, which provides access to downtown, and becomes concurrent with SR 62 north of downtown. SR 61 / SR 62 then bypass downtown to the north and east as a four-lane divided highway with partially controlled access and crosses into Anderson County.

Anderson County[edit]

Sign on I-75 for SR 61

They then have a partial interchange with Main St. and enter Oliver Springs' main business district. Continuing southeast, they then separate with SR 62 heading into Oak Ridge and SR 61 goes toward Clinton as a two-lane rural highway. It goes through some farmland in the communities of Batley and Marlow on a nearly 4-mile-long (6.4 km) straightaway before becoming slightly curvy before coming to an intersection with SR 95. It then turns east again as a four-lane undivided highway running along the banks of the Clinch River. SR 61 then enters the city of Clinton and junctions with US 25W / SR 9. It then continues on through downtown and becomes a four-lane divided highway and crosses the Clinch River. It then has an interchange with I-75, leaving Clinton and becoming a secondary highway. It goes the community of Bethel and passes by the Museum of Appalachia and enters Norris and has an intersection and short concurrency with US 441 / SR 71. It then leaves Norris and becomes a two-lane rural highway. It then goes through the community of Andersonville before becoming extremely curvy and narrow, and enters Union County.

State Route 61 in Andersonville, Tennessee.

Union County[edit]

It then runs alongside Norris Lake for a few miles and passes Big Ridge State Park before intersecting with SR 170 in New Loyston. It then junctions and becomes concurrent with SR 33 in Paulette and the two highways enter Maynardville as a two-lane rural highway. In Maynardville, it becomes a four-lane undivided highway and intersects with SR 144. They then leave Maynardville and revert to a two-lane rural highway. SR 33 and SR 61 then separate and SR 61 becomes curvy once again. It then intersects SR 370 before entering Luttrell and having an intersection and short concurrency with SR 131.

The intersection of State Route 131 and State Route 61 in Luttrell.

Knox and Grainger Counties[edit]

It then shortly crosses into Knox County and intersects with SR 331 near Corryton before crossing into Grainger County. It then enters Blaine and comes to an end at an intersection with US 11W / SR 1, ending as a secondary highway.

Harvey H. Hannah Memorial Highway[edit]

Along the highway from Harriman to Oliver Springs, Highway 61 is called "The Harvey H. Hannah Highway". Harvey H. Hannah of Oliver Springs was the Tennessee Chairman of the State Railroad and Public Utilities Commission for 30 years. He served in the Spanish–American War, becoming colonel of the 4th Tennessee Volunteers. He also became a military governor of a Cuban province. Cordell Hull, who became United States Secretary of State, served as a captain under Hannah. Besides being a lawyer, military officer and politician, he was well known as a great orator. He served as Adjutant General under two Tennessee governors from 1903 to 1907. This was where he acquired the title "General". In 1922, General Hannah was a candidate for governor in the Democratic primary but was defeated by Austin Peay, who became governor. On November 8, 1936, Hannah died from a throat condition. Governor Hill McAlister visited Hannah before his death and asked, "Harvey, is there anything that I can do for you?" He replied, "Hill, I know that money is hard to get, but I hope that you will find enough state money to finish the Oliver Springs-Harriman highway." The Governor obtained the money, and the highway was named in Hannah's honor. Hannah is buried in the Oliver Springs Cemetery and his tombstone is said to be the tallest monument in the Oliver Springs area.[1]

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Roane Rockwood 0.00 0.00 US 27 south (North Gateway Avenue) / US 70 / SR 29 / SR 1 (North Gateway Avenue, Roane State Highway) – Midtown, Kingston, Spring City, Crab Orchard Western terminus; Western end of US 27 overlap; SR 61 begins as a primary state route
SR 382 south (Patton Lane) – Roane State Community College Northern end of SR 382
Harriman I-40 – Knoxville, Cookeville I-40 exit, 347
SR 29 south (Ruritan Road) – Midtown Western end of SR 29 overlap
SR 328 north (Georgia Avenue Northwest) – Oakdale Southern end of SR 328
US 27 north / SR 29 (Hannah Highway) – Wartburg, Helenwood, Oneida Eastern end of US 27 / SR 29 overlap
Blair SR 327 south (Blair Road) – Oak Ridge Northern end of SR 327
Oliver Springs SR 62 west (Knoxville Highway) – Coalfield, Wartburg SR 330 north (Main Street) – Downtown Oliver Springs Western end of SR 62 overlap; Southern end of SR 330
Anderson Downtown Oliver Springs To SR 330 (Spring Street) – Briceville Westbound Interchange only; No Eastbound access
SR 62 (North Illinois Avenue) – Oak Ridge, Alcoa, Knoxville Eastern end of SR 62 overlap
Oak Ridge SR 95 south (Oak Ridge Turnpike) – Oak Ridge Northern end of SR 95
Clinton US 25W / SR 9 (South Main Street) – Rocky Top, Powell
I-75 – Knoxville, Jellico, Lexington I-75, exit 122; SR 61 changes from a primary route to a secondary route
Norris US 441 north (Norris Freeway) / SR 71 – Norris Dam State Park, Norris Dam, Rocky Top Western end of US 441 / SR 71 overlap
US 441 south (Norris Freeway) / SR 71 – Halls Crossroads, Knoxville Eastern end of US 441 / SR 71 concurrency
Union New Loyston SR 170 east (Hickory Valley Road) – Hickory Star Western/Eastern end of SR 170 wrong-way overlap
SR 170 west (Hickory Valley Road) Eastern/Western end of SR 170 wrong-way overlap
Paulette SR 33 south (Maynardville Highway) – Halls Crossroads, Knoxville Western end of SR 33 overlap
Maynardville SR 144 west (Hickory Star Road) – Hickory Star Western end of SR 144 overlap
SR 144 east (Ailor Gap Road) – Plainview Eastern end of SR 144 overlap
SR 33 (Maynardville Highway) – New Tazewell Eastern end of SR 33 overlap
SR 370 south (Bull Run Road) Northern end of SR 370
Luttrell SR 131 north – Washburn Western end of SR 131 overlap
SR 131 south – Plainview, Knoxville Eastern end of SR 131 overlap
Knox Corryton SR 331 south (Washington Pike) – Knoxville, Corryton Northern end of SR 331
Grainger Blaine US 11W / SR 1 (Rutledge Pike) – Rutledge, Mascot, Knoxville Eastern end of SR 61; SR 61 ends as a secondary route
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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