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State Route 62 primary marker State Route 62 secondary marker

State Route 62
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length 89.93 mi (144.73 km)
Major junctions
West end SR 84 / SR 164 in Monterey

US 127 / SR 28 in Clarkrange
US 27 / SR 29 in Wartburg
SR 61 / SR 330 in Oliver Springs
SR 95 in Oak Ridge
SR 162 in Solway
I-640 / I-75 in Knoxville

I-40 / I-275 in Knoxville
East end US 11 / US 70 / US 441 / SR 33 / SR 1 / SR 71 at Knoxville
Counties Putnam, Fentress, Morgan, Roane, Anderson, Knox
Highway system
SR 61 SR 63

State Route 62 (SR 62) is a west-to-east highway in the U.S. state of Tennessee that is 83 miles (134 km) long. It is designated as a primary route except for the short segment between SR 169 and its eastern terminus, which is secondary.

State Route 62 begins in Putnam County at State Route 84; it ends in Knox County at State Route 71.

Route Description[edit]

Putnam County[edit]

The intersection of Commercial Avenue and Holly Street (State Route 84) in downtown Monterey, with East Commercial Avenue (State Route 62) shown on the left.
View along Commercial Avenue (State Route 62) in Monterey, Tennessee.

SR 62 begins in Putnam County in downtown Monterey as a primary highway at an intersection with SR 84 and SR 164. It then heads east (as East Commercial Ave.) through downtown before leaving Monterey (as Clarkrange Hwy.) as a 2-lane highway to parallel I-40 for a short distance before going through forested areas and the community of Muddy Pond before crossing into Fentress County.

Tennessee State Route 62 in eastern Putnam County, Tennessee.

Fentress County[edit]

Sign along Tennessee State Route 62 at the entrance to the Clarkrange community in Fentress County.

SR 62 then immediately enters farmland and goes down a fertile valley before entering Clarkrange and junctioning with US 127/SR 28. It then leaves Clarkrange (as Deer Lodge Hwy.) and continues east through farmland and crosses into Morgan County.

The intersection of U.S. Route 127 and Tennessee State Route 62 in Clarkrange.

Morgan County[edit]

View of Wartburg, Tennessee. Lone Mountain is in the background on the left. U.S. Route 27 and Tennessee State Route 62 (Morgan County Highway) is below.

In Morgan County, SR 62 enters the Eastern Time Zone, leaving farmland and becoming very curvy (and becoming Nashville Highway), heading east through the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau. It then intersects the southern end of SR 329 south of Deer Lodge, before continuing east to intersect with SR 298. SR 62 continues eastward and goes through Lancing and becomes even curvier, before coming to an intersection with US 27/SR 29 (Morgan County Highway) north of Wartburg. It becomes concurrent with US 27/SR 29 and widens into a 4-lane highway before entering Wartburg. They then pass just east of downtown before SR 62 separates from US 27/SR 29 and continues southeast (as Knoxville Hwy.) as a 4-lane and then exits Wartburg. It then continues southeast and narrows to a 2-lane before entering Joyner. SR 62 continues through Joyner, which is mainly farmland, and then junctions with SR 116 west of Petros before entering Stephens. It goes through Stephens and then goes through a short mountain pass (locally known as Stephens Mountain) before entering Coalfield. It goes through Coalfield and then enters Oliver Springs and crosses into Roane County.

Roane County[edit]

It then has an intersection with SR 61 (Tri County Blvd./Harvey H. Hannah Memorial Highway) and SR 330 and becomes concurrent with SR 61. It then bypasses downtown to the north and east as a 4-lane and enters Anderson County.

Anderson County[edit]

It continues through Oliver Springs and then Separates from SR 61 and enters Oak Ridge (as Illinois Ave). In Oak Ridge, SR 62 has a junction with SR 95. It continues through Oak Ridge and widens to a 6-lane and goes through a major business district, passing by the Oak Ridge City Center (Mall), before downgrading to a 4-lane at an interchange with Centrifuge way. It continues to an interchange with Bethel Valley Rd., which provides access to the Y-12 National Security Complex. It then has an interchange with SR 170 before leaving Oak Ridge and crossing the Clinch River, crossing into Knox County and entering Solway.

Knox County[edit]

Oak Ridge Highway (State Route 62) passing through Solway at the interchange with Pellississippi Parkway (State Route 162).

SR 62 goes through Solway (as Oak Ridge Hwy.) and has partial interchange with SR 162 (Pellisippi Parkway) before leaving Solway and narrowing to a 2-lane. It then enters Karns and junctions with SR 131. It then leaves Karns and enters Knoxville, widening to a 4-lane (and becoming Western Ave.). SR 62 continues through North Knoxville before widening to a 6-lane and has an interchange with I-640/I-75. It then narrows to a 2-lane for short distance before widening back out to a 4-lane and intersects SR 169. SR 62 then turns secondary and has an interchange with I-40/I-275 before entering downtown and ending at an intersection with US 11/US 70/US 441/SR 33/SR 1/SR 71.

Oak Ridge Highway (Tennessee State Route 62) passing through the Karns community of Knox County, Tennessee. This view is from the pedestrian bridge at the Karns Intermediate and Primary Schools, looking east.

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi km Destinations Notes
Putnam Monterey SR 84 (West Commercial Avenue / South Holly Street) – Livingston, Sparta Western terminus; SR 62 begins as a primary route
SR 164 north (North Chestnut Street) – Hanging Limb, Crawford Southern terminus of SR 164
Fentress Clarkrange US 127 (York Highway) / SR 28 – Jamestown, Crossville
Morgan SR 329 north (Deer Lodge Highway) – Deer Lodge Southern terminus of SR 329
SR 298 south (Genesis Road) – Crossville Northern terminus of SR 298
Lancing US 27 north / SR 29 north (Morgan County Highway) – Sunbright, Huntsville, Helenwood, Oneida Western end of US 27/SR 29 concurrency
Wartburg North Kingston Street – Downtown Wartburg, Obed Wild and Scenic River National Park Service Visitor Center, Justin P. Wilson Cumberland Trail State Park
Water Tank Hill Road South – Downtown Wartburg
US 27 south / SR 29 south (Morgan County Highway) – Harriman Eastern end of US 27/SR 29 concurrency
Joyner SR 116 north – Petros Southern terminus of SR 116
Roane Oliver Springs SR 61 west (Tri-County Boulevard) – Harriman SR 330 north (Winter Gap Road) – Downtown Oliver Springs Eastern end of SR 61 concurrency; Southern terminus of SR 330
Anderson Downtown Oliver Springs To SR 330 (Spring Street) Interchange; Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
SR 61 east (Oliver Springs Highway) – Clinton Eastern end of SR 61 concurrency
Oak Ridge SR 95 (Oak Ridge Turnpike) – Clinton, Kingston
Centrifuge Way Interchange
Bethel Valley Road – Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Y-12 National Security Complex Interchange
SR 170 east (Edgemoor Road) – Claxton Western terminus of SR 170; Interchange
Knox Solway SR 162 south (Pellissippi Parkway) – Alcoa, Maryville Interchange; Northern terminus of SR 162; No Access to SR 162 from westbound 62
Karns SR 131 (Byington Beaver Ridge Road) – Farragut, Powell
Knoxville Ed Shouse Road To SR 169 (Middlebrook Pike)
I-75 / I-640 – Lexington, Nashville, Chattanooga I-640, exit 1
SR 169 west (Middlebrook Pike) Eastern terminus of SR 169; SR 62 changes to a secondary route
I-275 north / I-40 east – Lexington, Asheville Ramp to I-275 North and I-40 East
US 11 / US 70 / US 441 / SR 71 / SR 1 (Henley Street) / SR 33 – University of Tennessee, Worlds Fair Park, Halls Crossroads Eastern terminus of SR 62; SR 62 ends as a secondary route
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Counties traversed (west to east)[edit]

Counties traversed by State Route 62
County miles kilometers
Putnam 10.4 16.8
Fentress 12.7 20.5
Morgan 36.0 58.0
Roane 0.1 0.2
Anderson 7.2 11.6
Knox 16.5 26.5

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