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State Route 66 primary marker State Route 66 secondary marker

State Route 66
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length86.25 mi (138.81 km)
Major junctions
South end US 441 / US 411 at Sevierville
  I-40 near Kodak
US 25W / US 70 at Dandridge
SR 160 near Morristown
US 11E at Morristown
US 11W at Rogersville
North end SR 33 at Sneedville
CountiesSevier, Jefferson, Hamblen, Hawkins, Hancock
Highway system
SR 65SR 67

State Route 66 (SR 66) is a state-maintained highway in eastern Tennessee, including a six-lane divided highway segment in Sevier County and a two-lane segment through mountainous terrain to the northeast.

Route Description[edit]

Sevier County[edit]

SR 66 begins as a primary highway in Sevier County in Sevierville at an intersection with US 441/US 411/SR 35/SR 71 (Chapman Highway/Forks of the River Parkway/Main Street) in downtown. The highway goes north as a 6-lane undivided highway (Winfield Dunn Parkway) to leave downtown and cross a bridge over the Little Pigeon River to have an intersection with SR 448 (North Parkway). The highway then becomes divided at the intersection with Allensville Road and continues north through a long major business district and has a concurrency with SR 338 (Douglas Dam Road/Boyds Creek Highway) before crossing a bridge over the French Broad River to leave Sevierville and enter Kodak. It continues past some more businesses before having an intersection with SR 139 (Douglas Dam Road) before passing some more businesses and coming to an interchange with I-40 (Exit 407). Here, SR 66 becomes unsigned as turns east to become concurrent with I-40 while the road continues north as Snyder Road to US 25W/US 70/SR 9.

This entire 6-lane section of SR 66 is a popular route for tourists traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as it is also part of the Great Smoky Mountains Parkway.

I-40/SR 66 go east as a 6-lane freeway and cross into Jefferson County shortly afterwards.

Jefferson County[edit]

I-40/SR 66 go east through farmland and have an interchange with Deep Springs Road (Exit 412) before coming to an interchange with US 25W/US 70/SR 9 (Exit 415). Here, while SR 66 still remains unsigned, it turns secondary and leaves I-40 to go east, concurrent with US 25W/US 70/SR 9, and enter Dandridge. The highway passes through farmland as a 2-lane highway before becoming concurrent with SR 92 as they enter downtown. The highway then passes several businesses before SR 92 splits off in the center of town. After passing through some neighborhoods, SR 66 becomes signed as it splits off from US 25W/US 70/SR 9 to the northeast and leaves Dandridge as Valley Home Road. The highway continues through farmland as it parallels and crosses under I-40, eventually passing just north of the I-40/I-81 interchange and begins paralleling I-81. SR 66 then passes through White Pine, where it has an intersection with SR 341 before crossing into Hamblen County.

Hamblen County[edit]

SR 66 continues northeast through farmland and has an intersection with SR 342 before entering Morristown and coming to an intersection with SR 160. Here SR 66 turns east and becomes concurrent with SR 160 as a 4-lane divided highway for about a mile before SR 66 splits off and goes north as an improved 2-lane highway to pass through an industrial area and enter downtown. the highway then turns east to become concurrent with US 11E/SR 34 as a 4-lane undivided highway through a major business district before turning north onto S Fairmount Avenue, leaving US 11E/SR 34 as a 2-lane side street. SR 66 then crosses over the railroad tracks before turning right onto W 1st Street. It then passes by several more businesses before having an intersection with SR 343 in the center of the city, where SR 66 becomes E 1st Street. SR 66 then leaves downtown and continues east as a 4-lane undivided highway (Andrew Johnson Highway) as it passes through neighborhoods before having an interchange with Liberty Hill Road, just before having an interchange with US 25E/US 11E/SR 32/SR 34, where SR 66 again becomes concurrent with US 11E/SR 34 (US 25E/SR 32 Exit 2B). The highway then leaves Morristown as a 4-lane divided highway and passes through Russellville as it narrows to 2-lanes and has an intersection with SR 344. US 11E/SR 34/SR 66 then continue northeast through farmland to pass through Whitesburg and have an extremely short concurrency with SR 113 before crossing into Hawkins County.

Hawkins County[edit]

US 11E/SR 34/SR 66 continue northeast through farmland to Bulls Gap, where SR 66 separates from US 11E/SR 34 for the final time as it turns north as a primary highway to leave Bulls Gap and continues through farmland. SR 66 then passes through some hilly terrain before having another intersection with SR 113 and entering Persia. It then becomes concurrent with SR 70 (Trail of the Lonesome Pine) before leaving Persia and continuing north through farmland. They then have an intersection with Old Highway 70 before crossing the Hugh B Day Bridge over Cherokee Lake/Holston River and entering Rogersville. They pass by several businesses before curving to the west and have a partial interchange with West Main Street. They then come to an interchange with US 11W/SR 1, where SR 70 splits off and turns northeast on US 11W/SR 1 while SR 66 turns secondary, becoming extremely narrow and curvy as it leaves Rogersville and enters mountainous terrain. SR 66 then passes through farmland again for a short distance before rentering the mountains to have an intersection with SR 94 before crossing into Hancock County.

Hancock County[edit]

SR 66 curves and winds its way through several miles of mountainous terrain before coming to an intersection with SR 31 just south of Sneedville. It then turns right and comes to an end at an intersection with SR 33 just south of downtown.


A widening project was recently completed on SR 66 from I-40 to Chapman Highway/Main Street/Forks of the River Parkway (US 441/US 411). It was divided into 3 separate sections, each of which was expanded at different times. It expanded the 4-lane divided highway to a six-lane divided highway. The section closest to Sevierville was expanded first. This section stretched from Boyds Creek Highway (SR 338) to Nichols Street and was completed November 2011. The second section from I-40 to Douglas Dam Road (SR 139) is now under construction was scheduled to be completed on November 30, 2012. This section is now complete. The middle section from Douglas Dam Road to Boyds Creek Highway was to be expanded last when funding became available and was completed in November 2016. [1]

Junction list[edit]

SevierSevierville00.0 US 411 / US 441 (West Main Street / Forks of the River Parkway / Chapman Highway / SR 35 / SR 71) – Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Newport, Seymour, CherokeeSouthern terminus; SR 66 begins as a primary highway
SR 448 south (North Parkway) – Downtown SeviervilleNorthern terminus of SR 448
SR 338 north (Douglas Dam Road) – Douglas DamSouthern end of concurrency with SR 338
SR 338 south (Boyds Creek Highway) – Boyds Creek, SeymourNorthern end of concurrency with SR 338
Kodak SR 139 (Douglas Dam Road) – Dandridge, Kodak
I-40 west – KnoxvilleBegin unsigned concurrency with I-40; Road continues northward as Snyder Road; Diverging diamond interchange; I-40 Exit 407
JeffersonDeep Springs Road – Douglas DamI-40 exit 412
I-40 east – Asheville
US 25W north / US 70 west (SR 9) – Dandridge, Strawberry Plains
End unsigned concurrency with I-40, Begin unsigned concurrency with US 25W/US 70/SR 9; SR 66 turns secondary; I-40 Exit 415
Dandridge SR 92 north – Jefferson CityBegin concurrency with SR 92, from here on the concurrency is signed
SR 92 south (Gay Street) to SR 139 (West Main Street) – Chestnut HillEnd concurrency with SR 92
US 25W south / US 70 east (SR 9) – NewportEnd concurrency with US 25W/US 70/SR 9
White Pine SR 341 (White Pine Road / Roy Messer Highway) to I-81 – Talbott, White PineAccess to I-81 via SR 341 East
Hamblen SR 342 west (Alpha-Valley Home Road)Eastern terminus of SR 342
Morristown SR 160 north (Air Park Boulevard) – Jefferson CityBegin concurrency with SR 160
SR 160 south – NewportEnd concurrency with SR 160
US 11E south (West Morris Blvd/SR 34)Begin concurrency with US 11E/SR 34
US 11E north (West Morris Blvd/SR 34)End concurrency with US 11E/SR 34
SR 343 (Cumberland Street)
Liberty Hill RoadInterchange
US 11E south (SR 34) / US 25E (SR 32) – Newport, Bean StationInterchange; Begin concurrency with US 11E/SR 34
Russellville SR 344 north (Old Russellville Pike) – Saint ClairSouthern terminus of SR 344
Whitesburg SR 113 (Simpson Road) – White Pine, Saint ClairVery short 46 ft concurrency with SR 113
HawkinsBulls Gap US 11E north (SR 34) – Mosheim, GreenevilleEnd concurrency with US 11E/SR 34; SR 66 becomes primary
Persia SR 113 south – Saint ClairNorthern terminus of SR 113
SR 70 south (Trail of the Lonesome Pine) – Baileyton, GreenevilleBegin concurrency with SR 70
RogersvilleWest Main Street – Downtown RogersvilleInterchange; no southbound access
US 11W / SR 70 north (SR 1) – Bean Station, Church Hillinterchange; End concurrency with SR 70; SR 66 turns secondary
SR 94 east – Pressmen's HomeWestern terminus of SR 94
HancockSneedville SR 31 south – MooresburgNorthern terminus of SR 31
SR 33 – Tazewell, SneedvilleNorthern terminus; SR 66 ends as a secondary highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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