Tennessee Valley Authority Police

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Tennessee Valley Authority Police
Common name TVA Police
Abbreviation TVAP
Tennessee Valley Authority PD.jpg
Tennessee Valley Authority Police patch
Agency overview
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Federal agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
United States
Legal jurisdiction Tennessee Valley - Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction Buildings and lands occupied or explicitly controlled by the institution and the institution's personnel, and public entering the buildings and precincts of the institution.
Operational structure
Headquarters 400 W. Summit Hill Dr., Knoxville
Parent agency Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority Police is a law enforcement agency in the United States. It is a federally commissioned agency that provides protection for Tennessee Valley Authority properties and employees.[1]


Since 1933, TVA has employed public safety officers who have law enforcement responsibilities. Agency officers have provided security during times of war. They also provided emergency medical and firefighting services during the agency's construction phases and have staffed visitors' centers throughout the TVA system.

By the mid-1990s, the agency employed 500 public safety officers who were trained and certified. That number was reduced to 150 after 1994 when Congress passed legislation creating the U.S. TVA Police.

On September 12, 1995 125 officers from the TVA Public Safety Service were sworn in as charter members of the newly created TVA Police. TVA Police is organized into three districts that encompass a seven-state area.

In May and June 2012, TVA Police disbanded its uniformed patrol division and aligned itself more along the lines of other federal law enforcement agencies.[clarification needed] Today TVA Police still employs sworn federal police officers in the capacity of inspectors, investigators and technical security specialists. Contract security personnel are employed to supplement TVA Police and provide security at TVA facilities and other key locations.

TVAP officers attend training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia.

Primary services[edit]

  • Conducting facility security assessments
  • Designing countermeasures
  • Maintaining uniformed law enforcement presence
  • Maintaining armed contract security guards
  • Performing background suitability checks for employees and contractors
  • Monitoring security alarms via centralized communication centers

Additional services[edit]

  • Conducting criminal investigations
  • Sharing intelligence among local/state/federal
  • Protecting special events
  • Working with FEMA to respond to natural disasters
  • Offering special operations including marine and traffic services

Fallen officers[edit]

Since the establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority Police Department, two officers have died while on duty.[2]

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