The Tennessee Volunteerz

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The Tennessee Volunteers
Tag team
Members Reno Riggins
Steven Dunn
Name(s) The Tennessee Volunteers
The Tennessee Volunteerz
The Main Event
The Volz
Heights 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) – Riggins
5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) – Dunn
440 lb (200 kg)
Debut 1997
Disbanded 2000
Promotions NWA
Music City Wrestling

The Tennessee Volunteerz was a professional wrestling tag team, consisting of Reno Riggins and Steven Dunn. They competed in National Wrestling Alliance and its territory, Music City Wrestling (MCW) during the late 1990s. During their tenure in MCW, Volunteers were the promotion's top tag team, having won the promotion's North American Tag Team Championship 6 times.[1][2] They were also 1 time NWA World Tag Team Champions.[3]


National Wrestling Alliance (1997-2000)[edit]

Music City Wrestling (1997-1999)[edit]

In 1997, Reno Riggins and Steven Dunn began teaming in National Wrestling Alliance's territory, Music City Wrestling (MCW) as Tennessee Volunteers, named after the sports teams of the University of Tennessee. They received a quick push, winning their first MCW North American Tag Team Championship from Thrillbilly and Shane Eden on January 27, 1998.[1] They lost the titles to Ladies Night Out (Frenchy Rivera and Shane Eden) on February 21.[1] On February 28, Volunteers regained the titles from Ladies Night Out.[1] On March 21, Volunteers attacked MCW's promoter and were stripped of the titles.[1] On May 30, Dunn won the title with his former Well Dunn partner Rex King.[1] Immediately after the win, Dunn turned on King by joining Riggins in attacking King. Riggins took King's place as Dunn's tag team partner for the title.[1]

On August 1, Volunteers dropped the titles to MCW Blacksheep (Wolfie D and Flash Flanagan). The titles were renamed NWA North American Tag Team Championship.[1][2] On August 29, Volunteers were booked to defeat MCW Blacksheep for their fourth tag titles.[2] On February 5, 1999, the title was held up after a match between Volunteers and The Australians (Bill Dundee and Ashley Hudson).[2] On February 6, Volunteers defeated Australians in a rematch for their fifth tag title.[2] On February 20, Volunteers lost the title to Brian Christopher and Spellbinder.[2] Volunteers won their sixth tag title, defeating Christopher and Spellbinder on March 25.[2]

NWA World Tag Team Champions (2000)[edit]

Being MCW's top tag team, Volunteers vacated the NWA North American Tag Team Championship in May 1999 to focus on the NWA World Tag Team Championship.[2] Volunteers left MCW and were renamed Main Event. They won the NWA World Tag Team Title, defeating xXx (Firebreaker Chip and Drake Dawson) at a card in Saudi Arabia on April 7, 2000.[3] Main Event lost the titles to The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) on April 12in South Korea, with Jackie Fulton subbing for Riggins.[3] Main Event attempted to regain the titles but failed in winning back the titles. This caused the team to disband.


Reno Riggins and Steven Dunn opened a wrestling school based out of Nashville, Tennessee.[4] Later on, Riggins and Dunn went on their separate ways. Riggins is now a booker for Showtime All-Star Wrestling. Dunn died on March 22, 2009 after a blood clot from his lungs reached his heart.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]


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