Tennis at the 1908 Summer Olympics – Women's indoor singles

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Women's indoor singles tennis
at the Games of the IV Olympiad
VenueQueen's Club
Dates6–11 May
Competitors9 from 2 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Gwendoline Eastlake-Smith
 Great Britain
2nd, silver medalist(s) Alice Greene
 Great Britain
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Märtha Adlerstråhle
1912 →

The indoor women's singles was one of six lawn tennis events on the Tennis at the 1908 Summer Olympics programme.




First Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final (Gold medal match)
 D Lambert Chambers (GBR) w/o
 M Adlerstråhle (SWE)
 M Adlerstråhle (SWE) 1 3
 A Greene (GBR) 6 6
 D Boothby (GBR) 2 2
 A Greene (GBR)  A Greene (GBR) 6 6
 R Winch (GBR) w/o  A Greene (GBR) 2 6 0
 G Eastlake-Smith (GBR) 6 4 6
 E Wallenberg (SWE) 11 4 4
 M Coles (GBR)[1] 9 6 5r
 E Wallenberg (SWE) 4 4 Bronze medal match
 G Eastlake-Smith (GBR) 6 6
 G Eastlake-Smith (GBR) 7 7  E Wallenberg (SWE) 6 2 3
 V Pinckney (GBR) 5 5  M Adlerstråhle (SWE) 1 6 6


  1. ^ Cook, p. 222. Coles, with a lead of 5 games to 4 and 40-15 in the game in progress, was a single point from defeating Wallenberg when the Briton suffered an arm injury and could not continue play.

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